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  • mini napa cabbage

    Tips for Growing Broccoli and Cabbage in Hot Climates

    We are blessed with a long growing season on the Southern Plains, but getting a good crop of cool-season vegetables is not always easy. This is especially true for spring-sown…

  • vegetable harvest including tomatoes and potatoes

    Beertayday in Minnesota

    We’re off to Minnesota to visit a garden that, on Instagram, has the username “Beertayda,” which means “my garden” in Somali. Today's contributor, like so many of us, says that…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for the Southern Plains

    March is a golden month of opportunities in the Southern Plains garden. While the early summer months may be filled with more actual growth, March is the month when anything…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for Southern California

    Plant warmer-season vegetables. Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? What a perfect time to get your vegetable gardens ready for more edibles. March is a good time…

  • artichokes

    Growing Artichokes in the Northeast

    The artichoke that is cultivated as a vegetable is a variety of cardoon (Cynara cardunculus, Zones 7–10), or artichoke thistle, a thistle-type perennial in the sunflower family that’s native to…

  • Article

    Keegan’s Maryland Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Keegan Clifford, who is a vegetable gardener extraordinaire, producing huge amounts of beautiful produce. Keegan lives in Middletown, Maryland (Zone 7), a small town with just…

  • large pile garlic

    Growing Garlic in the Southeast

    Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow in the Southeast. But not only is it easy to grow; it also has very few pest and disease problems. Additionally,…

  • basket of mixed greens

    Growing Fall Brassicas in the Northeast

    While many of us never really think or care about which species of brassicas we grow, there are some benefits, if not surprises, to knowing which is which, especially when…

  • How-To

    Southern California November Garden To-Do List

    The weather is finally reliably cooler now in Southern California, and our attention is shifting from heat and wind protection to tucking our gardens in with new plants and fresh…

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    Southern Plains November Garden To-Do List

    November is a great month for gardening in the Southern Plains. Unlike our neighboring states to the north, much of the Southern Plains still hasn’t had freezing temperatures in the…