Pests and Disease

  • jumping worm

    How to Identify and Remove Invasive Jumping Worms

    This garden pest is certainly making a name for itself—even several. Depending on where you are and who you are talking to, you may hear it called “the crazy snake…

  • Bradywine Tomato

    Spots on Your Tomatoes? Learning about tomato diseases and blights is half the battle

    If you have ever found yourself disappointed by the tomato harvest from your garden, you are not alone. There are around nine bacterial diseases of tomato, nearly two dozen fungal…

  • Early blight symptoms

    How to Identify and Combat Tomato Blights

    Each year as spring warms into summer, verdant vegetables hold the attention of many an eager gardener. As growers monitor their tomato plants, they may ­notice scattered yellow spotting, a…

  • squirrel

    Protecting Your Garden from Hungry Critters

    Whether you dwell in the city, suburbs, or countryside, critters are likely to adore the fruits of your garden labor. While small animals such as gophers, rats, mice, squirrels, and…

  • signs of boxwood blight

    3 Tell-Tale Signs of Boxwood Blight

    There are many common but less severe diseases of boxwood shrubs, and all are occasionally mistaken for boxwood blight. Learning the following combination of three key symptoms will help you…

  • boxwoods with boxwood blight

    How to Fight Boxwood Blight

    It has now been a full ten years since a mysterious disease affecting 10,000 containerized boxwood (Buxus spp. and cvs., Zones 5–9) shrubs in North Carolina and over 100,000 boxwoods…

  • How-To

    Northern California: February Garden To-Do List

    As days gradually lengthen and the February sun shines with a little more intensity, Northern California plant lovers see encouraging signs of life as their gardens slowly emerge from winter…

  • Article

    Mid-Atlantic: January Garden To-Do List

    With the busy holiday season over, there’s time to start thinking about gardening again. Though midwinter in the Mid-Atlantic limits our outdoor activities, there are a few gentle tasks to…

  • beech leaf disease

    What You Need to Know About Beech Leaf Disease

    Gardeners best know two kinds of nematodes: those that are destructive root pests, and those that are beneficial and may be purchased to help control soil grubs, fungus gnats, thrips,…

  • Japanese maple

    Potential Sources of Trouble for Your Japanese Maple

    Although Japanese maples are generally easy-care plants, it is worth the effort to site them properly, monitor them regularly, and provide the best possible soil conditions. These precautions can help…