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  • Autumn Containers

    10 Tips for Transitioning to Autumn Garden Containers

    Right around the time that days shorten and the nights get cooler, it becomes clear that our containers may be getting a little tired after working so hard during the…

  • Design

    Success and Failure 2022

    Today’s photos are from Lee Ann McAlpine, who is looking at her Ohio garden this year and determining what worked and what didn’t. My husband and I moved to our…

  • wooden bench in between two garden beds

    Gardening With Criss in Ohio

    Today we’re in northeastern Ohio visiting with Criss. We’ve visited Criss before (Criss's Ohio Garden), and it is always a pleasure to return to this beautiful garden. A planting in…

  • wide view of the garden at dusk

    GPOD on the Road: Fellows Riverside Gardens

    Today we’re in Youngstown, Ohio, visiting the Fellows Riverside Gardens, a beautiful spot that is gorgeous, extensive, and completely free to all visitors thanks to a dedicated group of donors,…

  • Late-Season Kale

    Growing Late-Season Kale for Extended Color, Texture, and Taste

    As we settle into our summer gardens in the Midwest, the autumn seems to be in the distant future. However, the fall season always seems to arrive before we know…

  • heat-tolerant perennials

    Heat-Tolerant Native Perennials for the Midwest

    While the warm days of summer bring out some of the best in our gardens, challenges to our plantings may be exacerbated by both lengthy stretches of drought and prolonged…

  • hanging basket full of pink flowers over the garden pond

    Katie’s Garden Redesign

    Today we’re visiting with Katie Kagler in Hudson, Ohio. My garden was first featured on the GPOD in 2013 (Katie's Garden in Ohio). In 2019, we put an addition on…

  • Trumpet spurflower

    Unusual Fall Perennials for the Midwest

    In Andy Brand’s article Unusual Fall Perennials, he discusses some out-of-the-box plant picks for this spectacular time in the garden: “As we reluctantly accept the inevitable and begin preparing our gardens…

  • moss garden

    Tips for Creating a Moss Garden

    Most people have that shady patch in their yard where turf struggles but moss is abundant. Products and techniques are promoted for the purpose of eradicating this primitive member of…

  • Olbrich Botanical Gardens

    Olbrich Botanical Gardens: A Must-See Midwest Destination

    Visiting public gardens is a fantastic way to gain gardening inspiration, information, and ideas—not to mention a wonderful way to just relax and soak in the beauty of a locale.…