• mass plantings of yellow and purple flowers

    Joanna’s Ontario Garden

    Today Alina is sharing photos of her mother Joanna’s garden. My mother has been working on her garden for over 20 years. When first purchased, her 1/3-acre property in Waterloo,…

  • Design

    Yellow, Chartreuse, and Golden Shrubs and Trees for Big Garden Impact

    I’m a huge fan of golden foliage in the garden. Yellow flowers, of course, have their own appeal in offering color and warmth, but the lengthy contribution of chartreuse to…

  • ghost lady fern

    How to Grow ‘Ghost’ Lady Fern

    I’ve grown many ferns over the years, and I’m constantly enthralled anew every time I see ‘Ghost’ lady fern (Athyrium ‘Ghost’, Zones 3–8) in the shade garden. Described as well-mannered,…

  • small low-growing purple flowers

    Spring in Northern Indiana

    It is your GPOD editor, Joseph, here today, sharing some images of spring in my garden and around town where I live in northern Indiana. One of my favorite daffodil…

  • poolside garden in full bloom

    Heidi’s Poolside Garden

    My name is Heidi Steffes, and I’ve been gardening on six acres in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for 38 years. While I have many gardening areas, today's photos are from our pool…

  • small cactus next to pink and yellow flowers

    Kyle’s Iowa Garden

    Today we’re off to Des Moines, Iowa, to visit with Kyle Dallefeld. He grew up working with plants in the family grass seed business and got into horticulture at an…

  • Design

    Early Spring in Brigitta’s Garden

    This is your GPOD editor, Joseph, and a few days ago I drove up to Michigan to visit my friend Brigitta Stewart. She runs a small mail-order nursery called Arrowhead…

  • bulb lawn

    Grow a Beautiful Spring Bulb Lawn

    As we head into the spring months after a cold and snowy winter, most of us in the Midwest are looking at drab expanses of turf that are still coming…

  • boy in a garden

    Janelle’s Great-Grandmother’s Garden

    Today we’ve got an unusual GPOD submission. Janelle Molony is sharing with us the story and some photos of her great-grandparents, Louis and Martha Nasch, from St. Paul, Minnesota. The…

  • Proud Berry Coralberry

    Plants for the Midwest to Add to Your Shopping List

    Whether you're walking through your local garden center, flipping through the pages of your favorite catalog, or scrolling the website of an online retailer, the sheer number of plant choices…