If you are gardening in Connecticut, the following articles will give you abundant information on how to plant, grow, design, and maintain your dream garden throughout Connecticut’s unpredictable weather. No matter the season, there are many tips and techniques here that will prove useful, like choosing easy-care grasses for summer or finding plants that will add interest in winter. These articles may even get your creativity flowing on other ways to design your Connecticut garden with the ever changing seasons.

Gardens in Connecticut can grow a wide variety of plants. We have articles that teach you how to grow vegetables and fruits like celtuce, artichokes, tomatoes, and gooseberries, and others that offer advice on classic ornamentals like hydrangeas and dahlias. With hot summers and cold winters in Connecticut, there are articles that will help you care for your garden no matter the weather. All of these tools can be beneficial whether you need help with your existing garden or want advice for how to start a new one.

As a Connecticut gardener, you may deal with unwanted pests like deer, rabbits, or beetles that can turn your garden into a delicious meal. On top of this, you have to plant with consideration for snow and occasional drought. Having all four seasons is a blessing for certain plants in your garden, but it can also be detrimental to others that need certain temperatures to grow. Here you’ll gain more knowledge on things like dealing with deer, finding drought-tolerant shrubs and plants, and growing winter-hardy plants.

Connecticut gardeners love showing off their beautiful greenery, and many send their pictures over to Fine Gardening for our Garden Photo of the Day blog. In these articles, you’ll find design inspiration along with tips and techniques from fellow Connecticut gardeners. You are welcome to contribute to Garden Photo of the Day so that others can admire the work and creativity you put into your garden.

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  • close up of bright red japanese maple

    How to Grow Japanese Maples

    The Northeast is well known for its native maple trees (Acer spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9). They are commonly used as forestry plants or sidewalk trees and are invaluable contributors…

  • close up of bright pink peony

    Every Season Creates a Moment

    Today we’re in Southbury, Connecticut, visiting with Elaine Esposito, and she started the intro to these photos with a quote from poet Stanley Horowitz: “Winter is an etching, spring a…

  • purple flowers growing up a small trellis

    Ann’s Cottage Garden

    My name is Ann, and I garden in Zone 6b in Newtown, Connecticut. I have been gardening since 2004 when I lived in Buffalo, New York. I moved to Newtown…

  • stone walkway leading through a garden get and surrounded by foliage plants

    An Artist’s Garden

    Today's photos are from Dede Lifgren. Welcome to my garden in Brewster, New York (Zone 6a). I am an artist and garden lover. Much of my artwork centers around my…

  • perennials with fall flowers

    Perennials With Fall Flowers for the Northeast

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that many of our perennial borders in the Northeast become less exciting in late summer and fall; after all, most of us only buy perennials…

  • broadleaf evergreens for the northeast

    Interesting Broadleaf Evergreens for the Northeast

    In an episode of Fine Gardening's podcast, Let's Argue About Plants, the hosts discuss the importance of evergreen plants, and the particular perks of broadleaf evergreens: "The key to any…

  • Design

    Tour an Enchanting New England Garden on a Historic Vermont Farm

    On a north-facing hillside in Norwich, Vermont, is an unexpectedly gorgeous and sophisticated landscape—the home garden of designer Bill Noble and his husband, Jim Tatum. This unique landscape was built…

  • yellow spring bulb

    Five Unusual Bulbs to Order Now and Plant in Fall

    Buying bulbs was one of those autumn rituals that I looked forward to. It was something to do just as the cooler, crisp days arrived in mid-September or October. It…

  • foxgloves in a mass planting

    Two Ways to Add Mass Plantings Without Breaking the Bank

    Look no further than the theater if you want to add some real impact to your perennial or flower garden. After all, a garden is essentially a living stage, so…


    Unusual Fall Perennials for the Northeast

    In Andy Brand’s article Unusual Fall Perennials, he discusses some out-of-the-box plant picks for this spectacular time in the garden: “As we reluctantly accept the inevitable and begin preparing our gardens…