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    March Garden To-Do List for the Pacific Northwest

    March is a wonderful month for garden inspiration. There are so many changes we start to notice here in the Pacific Northwest. The cold wet days of winter are still…

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    March To-Do List for the Southeast

    March is the new April, y’all. Or maybe April is the new May? I think I’ll throw out the calendar and just spend more time out in the garden clocking…

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    Southern Plains: January Garden To-Do List

    Transplant early spring bloomers like bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis, Zones 3–9), baby blue eyes (Nemophila phaceloides, annual), and spiderwort (Tradescantia spp. and cvs., Zones 4–12). While October and November are a…

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    Northeast November Garden To-Do List

    In November, the weather might still be a mixed bag, but diminishing daylight is shifting the seasonal cycle into a lower gear for a slow ride through winter. While some…

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    Northern California November Garden To-Do List

    In November the days are even shorter, the cold has set in, and with any luck, rains are a regular occurrence. Most gardeners are less inclined to spend time outdoors,…

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    Tips for Making the Best Compost

    The real superpower of compost is that it gives life to soil. Compost is made from material that is digested by organisms and microbes that occur naturally in native soil.…

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    Build Your Own Indoor Worm Farm

    In keeping with Murphy’s Law, it seemed that whenever it was time to take the kitchen scraps out to my backyard compost pile, it was raining or snowing or was…

  • three-bin composting system

    Tips and Tricks from a Mid-Atlantic Master Composter

    Compost is a fundamental garden amendment that enriches soil and provides nutrients to plants. But where do you start on making your own? I talked to Gail Hermenau, Master Gardener…

  • half rotted compost

    How to Make Great Compost in the Southern Plains

    One of the secrets to a successful, productive garden is compost. Although you can buy commercial compost in bags or in bulk from gardening stores, it’s easy and enjoyable to…

  • 5 Tips To Improve Your Garden Soil

    5 Tips to Improve Your Garden Soil

    If you garden, you know soil is important. You have undoubtedly witnessed that as gardens grow more bountiful, the ground beneath them becomes proportionately darker, richer, and looser. You have…