• mass plantings of yellow and purple flowers

    Joanna’s Ontario Garden

    Today Alina is sharing photos of her mother Joanna’s garden. My mother has been working on her garden for over 20 years. When first purchased, her 1/3-acre property in Waterloo,…

  • Epimedium Pink Champagne

    Epimediums from Eric

    Today we’re visiting with Eric Sternfels. I’ve submitted photos several times before from my personal garden in Northwest Philadelphia (Summer in Eric's Garden). Here are some photos showing my increasing…

  • blue hydrangeas

    Assorted GPODs

    From time to time I get submissions to the GPOD that are just one or two photos—not enough to make a full post. Often, though, these photos are beautiful and…

  • poolside garden in full bloom

    Heidi’s Poolside Garden

    My name is Heidi Steffes, and I’ve been gardening on six acres in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for 38 years. While I have many gardening areas, today's photos are from our pool…

  • long-lasting containers

    Designing Long-Lasting Containers

    We are all probably familiar with this scenario: You’ve created a beautiful container planting that brings you joy in spring, only to have that joy turn to dismay when the…

  • a large group of containers full of colorful foliage plants

    GPOD on the Road: Buffalo Garden Walk

    Today Barb Mrgich is taking us along on a walking tour of gardens. A couple years ago, a friend and I took a bus trip to visit the Buffalo Garden…

  • front yard garden with shrubs and pink flowers

    Sharon’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today’s photos are from Sharon Danovich Lupone. She gardens in Pittsburgh but loves the style of gardens from farther south. Since 2008, we have worked diligently to bring our yard…

  • Design

    Tour a Landscape of Fascinating Garden Rooms

    As editors of a gardening magazine, we’re often asked, “What’s your favorite garden?” For me the answer is easy—Barbara Weirich’s garden in Benton Harbor, Michigan. It’s a landscape of garden…

  • fall bouquets with yellow, orange, and purple flowers

    Sharing Flowers at Work

    My name is Rebecca Last. I live in Ottawa, Canada, which is roughly USDA Zone 4. It’s the second week of March, and winter still has us firmly in her…

  • bouquet of purple flowers

    Bringing the Outdoors In

    Today’s photos are from Kathy Schreurs in northwestern Iowa. March is here, but regardless of what the calendar will say in a few weeks, most spring flowers will not make…