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    Flowers from Clay

    My name is Beth O'Brien, and I live in a Zone 6b location in Fort Erie, Ontario. We purchased this new home five years ago, and the yard was a…

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    Dani’s Garden in Germany

    Today we’re off to Laufersweiler, Germany, to see Dani’s beautiful garden. I am sending some photos of my little rose garden. I am an American living in Germany and have…

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    What Gardening Region Am I In?

    Let’s talk about regions and zones On, there are two ways to get a sense of what plants can survive where: zones and regions. The below map showcases how…

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    Garden Glossary: Gardening Terms Beginners Should Know

    Here are some common gardening terms you may run across as you explore garden centers and plan your garden. Understanding what each term means will help you to pick the…

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    Episode 82: Spring Trees

    Despite there still being snow on the ground here in the Northeast, we’re thinking spring. Yes, there are daffodils and tulips to look forward to, but perhaps even more impressive…

  • 6 Amazing Small Trees

    6 Amazing Small Trees

    Trees are critical backbones in a landscape and likely the biggest plant investment you’ll ever make because they generally have large price tags. Also, trees don’t transplant well once they’re…

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    The Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs

    Most gardeners agree that shrubs require less primping than perennials do to look good. And lots of shrubs grow just fine without much help from you. But which ones do…

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    Indoor Foliage Plants with Pizzazz

    So you’ve seen the light on houseplants and you’re definitely on board. However, your house isn’t all that bright. In fact, it’s downright unilluminated as far as south-facing windows are…

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    75 Plants to Pique Your Interest

    If we gardeners are good at anything, it is dreaming about plants and what they can add to our landscapes. That’s why we at Fine Gardening have put together this…

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    April Garden To-Do List for the Northwest

    April in the Pacific Northwest is an energetic time in the garden. There is lots of exuberant growth, and the garden is full of promise. So many things are happening…