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Winter decor contest

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Brenda Addington
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Brenda Addington

We have an inkling that our readers create fantastic holiday arrangements that outshine anything balsam-and-burlapped from the grocery store. Show us what you’ve put together while your garden takes its winter nap- whether it be coniferous, floriferous, or bulbous.

What’s in it for you? A $100 gift certificate to use online at, courtesy of our sponsor: Nature by Design.

Send your photographs to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Winter Decor.’ The deadline is 12/31. Our editors will look over the whole lot of entries and pick a winner based on originality of the composition and overall looks. The winner will be announced in early January.

Enter today!


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  1. boodles1 12/02/2013


  2. trashywoman62 12/02/2013

    What is the deadline for submitting and when will the winner be announced?

  3. flowerladydi 12/16/2013

    Can one person send in more than one photo??

  4. trashywoman62 12/31/2013

    Does anyone ever read these comments?
    Guess we won't get any answers to our questions! They should turn off the comments section if the Blog host doesn't bother with replying!

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