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There’s always room for one more plant

We love Jeanne Cronce's (a.k.a. greengenes) summer garden photos! 

"We live on 5 acres in the northwest of Washington state. I have been gardening here for 35 years. Little by little and plant by plant these gardens have evolved. There seems to always be room for one more plant."


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  1. perenniallycrazy 09/18/2015

    Definitely on my bucket list of gardens to visit in Washington State! When is the best time to visit Jeanne?

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Wow..I just saw this...well there is always something going on it seems. If you like lilies and first bloom of roses maybe the end of June or first part of july. The last part of spring into the first part of summer is so green and fresh. But Cherry you can come anytime you want!

      1. perenniallycrazy 09/18/2015

        Awww, thanks Jeanne.

  2. annek 09/18/2015

    Oh my. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I'm going with you Cherry!

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Kielian! Thanks!

  3. digginWA 09/18/2015

    Love the composition on the third pic, Jeanne.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Tia... the colors are so fallish for sure.

  4. wGardens 09/18/2015

    Looks like a little piece of paradise to me! You certainly have a beautiful setting for your gardens... love the mature trees in the background. Great shot with the sun through the trees! So inviting!

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Good day Margaret! It is a piece of paradise for sure. When we are out and about in this crazy world it is so nice to come home to and relax. Have a great weekend!

  5. terieLR 09/18/2015

    How lovely to see your garden this Friday morning Jeanne. The mini rock wall accents that potion of your garden beautifully. Ahh... flowering kale. I must remember to implement that into the front gardens next year. It's especially stricking with the first frosts/snowfall here in NY. Love the composition of your photos. Wonderful example of 35 years of garden happiness! Happy weekend all.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Terie! How are your gardens growing this summer? Iam sure they were lush and full with the weather all of you have had. The kale in the picture was some seed I purchased off amazon and they came from a foreign country... they didn't turn this color until this late summer. I cant eat these though. I am growing another kind for eating only because of how these look!

      1. terieLR 09/21/2015

        Hi there, I hope you return to re read and see this. The gardens started out lush but have diminished with the lack of rain in the second half of summer. It's time to mulch heavily again... Maybe next year. This summer I have been trying to change things up a bit and hope to send in pictures afterwards.
        I have grown this kale and love it in the gardens this time of the year! I was pleased to have a reminder from you as it was many years ago. Happy Autumn Jeanne.

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/18/2015

    Not just "one more plant" but the perfect plant for the perfect location...Jeanne, there is so much plant harmony on display in your pictures. What is the flower in the forefront of the allium (?) seed head in photo #3? It looks like a mum but the hairiness of the leaves and stems makes me think a type pf annual black eyed susan. I admit to being intrigued as to its identity.
    And your lucky wonderful dog...getting to live the good life on 5 beautiful acres.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Good morning Michaele, the flower you were interested in I just went out to find the tag and couldn't. I don't know what happens to them at times. Crows maybe? But this has been blooming all summer and its a beauty! I sure hope it makes it through the winter. I will plant rusty colored plants around it for sure! But Tim had mentioned the possible names of them which I think one is called Cherokee sunset. I get so many plants that I cant keep up with names sometimes unless it is one I have been desiring for a long time. Jack is a fortunate dog. But he is getting older and is in the house more often than outside. We will have to get another one down the road here. They keep the deer, raccoons, and rabbits at bay. We sure will miss him. He has been the best dog we have ever had. Well enjoy the turn of season coming up!

  7. user-4691082 09/18/2015

    The Garden of Eden has been rediscovered! Jeanne, you have done a magnificent you open your home for garden tours? What zone are you? Thanks for sharing!

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      That's cute Rhonda... I did discover a rose called Eden which is beautiful! Dark pink or light pink! This year is the first year I opened the gardens for official garden tours. Before I just invited a few people at different times of no significance to enjoy them. Iam not sure if I will be opening for the NPA again. Just haven't decided yet. But we did meet some wonderful people who love to garden. I even met a group from this town who were all elderly and I enjoyed their company so much as well as they did and we are going to have lunch here next year. Pot luck! It should be a lot of fun! They have so much to share, their experiences, knowledge, and even jokes! We are in zone 7ish but we have had tender plants which are a 7 die. So I would venture to say its probably 6.

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/18/2015

    Jeanne!! What I treat. I just adore your garden: the plants, the placement, the colors, the borders! You even make tomatoes look like a fabulous annual. The dahlia and kale combo will be legendary!
    Michaele has beat me to the punch in asking about that Rudbeckia or Echibeckia or cross between a mum and a black-eyed susan in photo3. It is very cool. Is it the annual Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset'?
    I bought Echibeckia 'Summerina Brown' try this year. It sure doesn't look like it has any Echinacea blood, but is allegedly perennial.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hey Tim... I have been trying to send you a reply from my smart phone with a picture of a cool rock. so I guess one has to be smart to do it! iam waiting for it to download. But anyway I will go this route probably without a picture! I call you my rock friend and I have been finding some great rocks this summer. thanks for the nice comments. It is fun to mix plants up a bit. Totally unplanned though! I do believe one of the plants is a Cherokee sunset. I couldn't find the tag this morning when I went out there. Sorry... I have so many plants that I cant remember them all except if it is one I really have been wanting for a while. Have a wonderful fall, Tim!

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/18/2015

        You know I love rocks, Jeanne!! :)
        I remember looking at book by Ken Druse and in it he mentioned that he had a brown border. I thought it was strange at the time, but I am beginning to see the appeal in brown and orangey-brown flowers and leaves. I guess I started early on with Heuchera Caramel and all of the other orangey Heucheras, and the color has bled over to other plants for me. Especially in the right combo.
        And I often wish that I were smarter than my smart phone!
        Sounds like you are moving plants around like crazy, as am I. This is the time I start anticipating how great everything is going to look in the spring when all of the shocked, moved plants recover.
        All the best.

        1. greengenes 09/18/2015

          Oh boy! You are right up my alley! That's an old saying but so true...have you used the brown carex? The "red rooster" is a nice upright form. Then plant it by a hazelnut red would be so nice! I found this really cool heart shaped rock, quite large but nice...I know you can imagine it!

          1. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/18/2015

            I think I killed 'Red Rooster' once or twice. Michelle posted this photo last year here on GPOD, with my 'Bronzita'. It survived this past harsh winter and is doing great. I love it with the chartreuse of Sedum Angelina and the peach of the Agastache. The Agastache came back a little weak this year, but I am hoping it reseeds in this spot because I had other plants reseed elsewhere in the garden.
            Happy gardening and rock weekend!

  9. User avater
    gringopeligroso 09/18/2015


    OH, to be in one garden for more than a couple of seasons..... Nice!!
    I'ld imagine some of the beauties have names and are more your children than botanical specimens!! I'll second what Meander stated, it's not just the collection which shines but expecially how they are arranged in the views!! It's the difference between a soloist and a composer!!

    Love your Still Life composition! And, expecially LOVE the capture of the Sun beckoning through the Forest! A very mystical, mythical, spiritual photograph. I keep looking for a Unicorn somewhere in the background, or perhaps a Fairie hovering!!
    But, your tomatoe photo reminds me that I need to get out there and pick mine this mornin'!!

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Jesse. I guess iam a plant "composer" with the plants and I end up always moving them around which iam doing these past 2 weeks. Its getting cooler now and I can see where everything is planted so its a great time to move! Our tomatoes did wonderfully well this summer due to the hot sunny weather we have had. I still need to get out there and pick them too! Enjoy the fall!

  10. OregonGardenGal 09/18/2015

    Wow! Lots of lovely combinations. I especially like the rose colors in the dahlia picked up by the kale. My sister lives in Ferndale. Are you close to there? I would love to see your garden someday too.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Nancy... yes isn't the colors of dahlia and kale great together! It was totally unplanned but it looks great. We are a little ways away from Ferndale and I personally haven't been there yet! But if you do come to Washington we are about 1 1/2 hours drive from Seattle. You would be welcomed by us and our dog Jack!

  11. GrannyMay 09/18/2015

    Happy Friday indeed! Jeanne, it's always a treat to see more of your wonderful garden. I love that you grow edibles as well as ornamentals, sustenance for the body as well as the soul! Flowering Kale with a difference! Makes me wonder how it would look to have the Scarlet Runner Beans climbing up a trellis with nasturtiums.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Yes, Happy Friday May! It is fun to plant edibles in with the ornamentals. There are some wonderful ones for color and texture plus the rabbits cant ruin all the edibles if they were just in the garden food area. The trellises have had nastursium on it and it is lovely too. There are so many different climbers which are so fun to grow.

  12. hostamom 09/18/2015

    Gorgeous photos. I've always been told that gardens in the Northwest were gorgeous and now I believe it. Wonderful garden and excellent photography!

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Thanks Nina. This area, the Northwest, seems to be the hub of gardens. I believe it is a lot like England. Thanks for the nice comments!

  13. GrannyCC 09/18/2015

    Beautiful Jeanne. Always love to see your garden. What is the big leaf plant in the first picture? It looks familiar but I can't think what it is. Are those clear gazing balls next to it. Your photography sets off the grandeur of the garden.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Catherine, the big leaf plant which I believe you were looking at picture 2 is a petisitis, "Fuki fuki". this spreads quite easily but the area it is in will work for now. I also have a variegated form but it is very small when compared to this one. Maybe next year it will take off. The slugs love these though. so it is a constant job to keep some slugo around it. But to me it is worth it! The glass you see are old lamp parts which I found at second hand stores. I don't like too much "yard art" as it can start looking too junky but I thought these would make it a little interesting. Thanks for all your kind comments!

  14. VikkiVA 09/18/2015

    Tomato jealousy! Your garden is beautiful. Vikki in VA

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Thanks Vicki.... the tomatoes were and still are so tasty! A little treat when I do a walkabout! I also have figs, raspberries and blueberries which makes a great breakfast!

  15. greengenes 09/18/2015

    Thanks Diane, I do get tremendous joy, peace and fulfillment with gardening. It is my therapy for sure! Its hard for me to be away from it for too long.

  16. CJgardens 09/18/2015

    Jeanne, beautiful gardens. My favorite scene is the sun shining through the trees. But all your photography and composition is fabulous. It all starts with the fantastic plants, trees, gardens, and pets to photograph. I'm going to add kale to my flower gardens next year and I'm going to look for seed for the Cherokee Sunset rudbeckia too. I'm jealous of your tomato plant also; blight has hit my plants hard. I've harvested enough so I'm not too upset. Thanks for sharing your lovely spaces. Carol Jean

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Carol Jean, we haven't had any trouble this year with blight but we have had a great sunny summer. The peppers are almost ready to pick and dry too. I dry them and grind them up to make a wonderful hot pepper spice and it lasts me all winter thru the summer. Thanks for your kind comments, Carol Jean.. hope your fall and winter will be quite enjoyable and productive!

  17. chauhillman 09/18/2015

    Wow. Beautiful. I love the balance of the colors. Great job!

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Thanks Chau! Its a labor of love for sure!

  18. sheila_schultz 09/18/2015

    Your gardens are always beautiful, Jeanne, no matter the season... no wonderful you always have a smile on your face ;)

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Awh... thanks Sheila... It is a lot of fun isn't it! Life is too short to have a frown and negativeness. But its work to see this sometimes! Thanks!

  19. user-7007496 09/18/2015

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Wish I had some those luscious looking tomatoes, right now.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Well Kay, I wish I could share with you! Thanks, jeanne

      1. user-7007496 09/18/2015

        Thank you. Next year if all goes well I am going to plant some of my own. The 2 years, due to ill health, I have been unable to do any gardening, but I am better now. If you can believe it, I actually got some decent tomatoes at the grocery store last week.

  20. Clarkpark 09/18/2015

    Jeanne, thanks for sharing your beautiful fall pictures! Do you need to dig up your dahlia tubers? I always enjoy visiting your PNW garden!?

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Hi Patricia, no I don't dig up the dahlias. Its too much work with all the other things I have to do in the fall. I figure if they make it well that's fine but if they don't...well there are a lot of other plants to plant! Glad you enjoyed the tour!

  21. Meelianthus 09/18/2015

    Oh Jeanne! ~ Your gardens exude your love of plants and gardening. I love the inviting depth of the first photo (with your dog) and how full and beautiful it has all become. Your rock border is very innovative and so attractive. What would we ever do without our gardens?! Happy Fall to you Jeanne.

    1. greengenes 09/18/2015

      Linda! Hope all is well with you and your family and of course gardens! Thanks for the wonderful comments!

  22. kimberlyweigner 09/19/2015

    This is so beautifully done. I swear, I could come live in your shed and be your garden slave.

  23. bsavage 09/19/2015

    Wow, just stunning!

  24. maryannborcherding 09/19/2015

    I loved your garden. I live in Vancouver WA. Would love to see your garden!

  25. user-7007809 09/20/2015

    What is the big green leaved plant in the first photo? Petasites japonicus giganteus??

  26. Cenepk10 09/21/2015

    Jaw droppingly gorgeous.... Wow. Something to be said for staying put 35 years & creating art like that... Whoa !

  27. Cenepk10 09/21/2015

    Hah ! Spent the whole weekend reworking my front border- moving plants around, deadheading within an inch of their lives, added 30 plants- then mulched... I thought " Finally ! I 've got this border right & can send in a few pics !" No way- after seeing this fabulousness... Sigh ...

  28. Cenepk10 09/21/2015

    Love how you did the rocks in the 1st pic. Amazing.

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