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READER PHOTOS! Sylvia’s garden in British Columbia

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

Today’s photos are from Cherry Ong (We’ve featured her garden HERE, HERE, and HERE), but they were taken in her friend Sylvia’s garden. Cherry says, “Two years ago, after seeing my family make over our yard, our friend Sylvia Cheng (Richmond, BC) asked for help to make over her front yard. She also wanted a DIY project with a helping hand from a designer and friends. I went over to her place to plant up her summer windowboxes a couple of days ago and thought I’d share these pictures of her front yard.

View from the west
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

“This bed was previously much smaller (about half the size that it is right now) and was overrun by a cedar, hydrangea, pieris, japanese anemone, and yucca. It had 4 views – one from each driveway, from the street and from inside the house. It also had 2 city panels (water and the like) and a fire hydrant to boot…so many challenges.

Street View
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

“Sylvia sought the help of landscape designer Shelley Brignall of Phoenix Perennials (we’ll be featuring some of Shelley’s STUNNING container designs tomorrow!!), and after a lot of backbreaking work from family and friends and continued tender loving care, here are the fabulous results.”

I love a good island bed, Cherry and Sylvia, and this one fits the bill. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

House view
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Bedding plants
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Spurges and hebes in bloom
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Golden heather, Sedum lidakense, and blue oat grass
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
‘Silver Mound’ artemisia, Carex testacea, and purslane
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

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  1. JuleMG 07/03/2012

    I enjoying seeing landscapes small enough for many people to consider.

  2. tractor1 07/03/2012

    A very nicely done low maintenence feature... often less is more... I'd not expand further it lest it takes on that plant nursery look.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/03/2012

    It has to be very gratifying to you, Cherry, to know that your beautification efforts inspired a friend to take on their own project. This is a very successful island bed with what looks like 4 season interest. It definitely commands attention and draws the eye to enjoy the pleasing plant selections.
    I envy those of you who live further north who can have Silver Mound artimisia survive and thrive.It mugs out for me when it hits the wall of heat and humidity here in the Southeast.

  4. perenniallycrazy 07/03/2012

    Thank you meander1, tractor1 and JuleMG. What can I say? Gardening is infectious!

  5. skevanston 07/03/2012

    I think the proportions of this island bed are just right: large enough to hold up to the sizeable house, but not so big that it overwhelms it. Also I like it that you provide a photo from the inside looking out. Hopefully that is the view that the owners can appreciate all year long! Nice work!

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