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READER PHOTOS! A final day in Ellen’s garden in Massachusetts

Baptisia and weigela
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey

We spent Thursday and Friday of last week in Ellen Garvey’s garden in Swampscott, Massachusetts. We saw the dramatic changes she’s made to her entire landscape over the last 33 years, but today we’re finishing up with a few close-up shots of what she’s up to now. Sure, Ellen can envision and realize sweeping changes to a landscape with great success, but she can also design a mean plant combo. Take a look. Thanks again, Ellen, for sharing!

Peony and meadow sage this spring
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey
I use chives to divide the sections of the herb garden.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey
Ladies mantle, money plant, and Phlox ‘David’
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey
The hellebore started blooming in March and is still going in July!
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey
A mosaic of hostas and Solomon’s seal transforms the barren ground under a tree
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey
Foxgloves have seeded themselves in the herb garden. How appropriate! Seen here by the sage
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey
Lupines are happy in the locations THEY chose. Clearly they know better than I!
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ellen Garvey

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/16/2012

    Ellen, these are some fantastic plant combos. You and Mother Nature are a winning team! If I had to pick my favorite...hmmm...maybe the weigela and baptisia although I would like to know what the low groundcover is in front of those two that completes the photo.
    Must be nice to live in a climate where lupines thrive and can look like a series of happy exclamation points in the garden.
    I really enjoyed this up close and personal look at some of your favorites.

  2. etgarv 07/16/2012

    Meander1 - the ground cover Lamium Maculatum - Spotted Dead Nettle - "Red Nancy". We planted it when that area was shaded by a large maple. The maple is now gone and the lamium is not as happy - especially later it the summer - but it's surviving!

    As for the lupines - I planted them many times without having them return. Then when that guy planted itself, it worked. I've since started some lupine from seed and have had better results. Yeah! A wonderful sight in spring

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/16/2012

    Lovely, personal, and obviously a loved home and garden. Kudos and thanks for sharing and for the supplemental information. Indoor/outdoor carpet in the kitchen? Hmmm... :)

  4. tractor1 07/16/2012

    Everything is so vibrant and healthy looking. I love the lupine, mine are just begining to bud out (I guess Ellen is correct, lupine are guys!). And the color combo of the peony and sage is fantastic... sage blossoms are very edible and make for a wonderful presentation with a roast pork entree. Thank you, Ellen.

  5. cwheat000 07/16/2012

    Thanks for all your photos. It has been fun to tour your garden. Today's pictures make me want to give lupines another try, on their terms. I also love the money plant. I haven't seen that one in ages. I think I might have to try that one for my three year old.

  6. wwross 07/16/2012

    Meander1 always has good insights and the right questions. Yes, my first questions was the same. What is the low-lying ground cover in that photo?

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/16/2012

    Ellen,thanks for the info on the that I know what it is, I can recognize it as lamium but that sure wouldn't have been my first guess. I was thinking it looked like a speedwell called Waterberry can be tricksters sometimes.
    I really like the size of the weigela in its companion role to the baptisia. Do you do some strategic pruning to keep it lowish like that or is it a particular dwarf variety?

  8. pattyspencer 07/17/2012

    Love everything! My favorite pic is the peony andsage combo - the colors just are beautiful together.

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