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READER PHOTO! Falling Snowflake, Cedar Waxwing

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Deanne Fortnam

There is so much about this photo that I love. First, it was taken by one of my favorite gardeners, and a frequent commenter on the GPOD, Deanne Fortnam from Nashua, New Hampshire. Second, this cedar waxwing is GORGEOUS. Third, check out the perfect snowflake Deanne managed to capture as it fell! Fourth, it illustrates that if you plant them, they will come. Plants that produce berries, that is, and wildlife. Here’s what Deanne had to say about this photo: “This bird is a Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedorum) and, in my opinion,  one of our most beautiful songbirds. I took this photograph last Sunday during our latest snow event and it was feeding in a flowering crabapple tree in the plantings around one of our local businesses. This tree has been full of fruit since fall and there weren’t any birds feeding in it until a couple weeks ago. It seems that the fruit has to go through  some freeze/thaw cycles before the birds decide it’s time to eat it. This beauty was in a flock of more than 200 birds and they came in and stripped every berry off that tree in just a few days. This is typical Waxwing behavior. They generally travel in large flocks and move into an area until they’ve exhausted the food supply then move on again.  If you have fruiting trees keep a look out and you might see a flock of these beauties flitting about with their delightful chatter. A beautiful sight in the winter garden if you’re lucky enough to get them.” Amazing, Deanne! Thanks so much for sharing this little guy with us.

Deanne’s been featured on the GPOD many times! Check out her previous posts here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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  1. elizk 03/04/2011

    Wow. That is some kind of gorgeous!!!!

  2. charlotteA 03/04/2011

    i too have a large flowering crabapple tree that is covered
    in berries every year but not one bird eats them!! Do you know why?

  3. Happily_Gardening 03/04/2011

    One word...WOW!!!

  4. user-7006885 03/04/2011

    What a wonderful photograph! I have never seen a cedar waxwing in the flesh but this must be the next best thing.

  5. gardengal42 03/04/2011

    GREAT PHOTO..The Cedar Waxwing stop in my garden (Gso, N.C.) each season. This year they had a BIG meal of berries. YES, they are a most beautiful bird.

  6. sheilaschultz 03/04/2011

    As always, Deanne, you bring us a bit of nature's beauty in your photos. What a wonderful way to end the week. Thank you.

  7. Canyoncatz 03/04/2011

    An extraordinary picture!

  8. PaulaFrechette 03/05/2011

    Magnificent photo, my favorite bird!

  9. PaulaFrechette 03/05/2011

    Charlotte, The waxwings prefer smaller crabapples, as do most birds,
    maybe yours is one that sets larger fruit? Also, they prefer the fruit slightly
    fermented, so we see them eating them later in the winter here in Massachusetts.

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