Plant an Easy-to-Water Strawberry Jar

Strawberry Jar – How-To


We love strawberry jars. They look great in the garden or along a path and nothing beats a fresh strawberry. But, it can be challenging to keep the soil in strawberry jars evenly moist. Most jars are made of clay, which tends to dry out easily. Since strawberries need a lot of sun, too, they’re also usually positioned in the sunniest spot in the garden exacerbating the problem. The design of the strawberry jar also makes it difficult to get water out to the sides of the container where the plants’ roots are. Together, this is a recipe for drying out your strawberries, something better avoided to get the most out of your plant.

The Fix


In this video, Fine Gardening assistant editor Daryl Beyers demonstrates how to plant an easy-to-water strawberry jar that alleviates the problem of dryness while maintaining the shape of the plant.


You’ll need:

  • A tape measure or ruler
  • Your strawberry plants
  • One PVC pipe at least 1 inch thick (dependent somewhat on pot size)
  • A hand held hack saw
  • A electric drill with a 1/4 inch thick drill bit
  • Cork, or something else to stop up the bottom of the pipe


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