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Introducing Tomato Match

Tomato Match is a free online tool for finding the perfect tomato variety.
Tomato Match is a free online tool for finding the perfect tomato variety.

Tomatoes. They’re the crown jewels of most vegetable gardens. They come in all colors, shapes, and flavors, and are irresistible to almost everyone everywhere. So we editors at Fine Gardening have put together this clever super-search called Tomato Match to help you find your ideal tomato from among 99 of the most interesting varieties around, in hopes that you’ll plop a few plants into the ground and grow this summertime table staple in your own backyard (or balcony or what have you).

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Download Tomato Match as an iPad app.


Tomato Match includes everything from heirlooms to hybrids, old favorites to exotics, and cooking types to fresh-eating delicacies. Whatever you need, Tomato Match will pin it down and link you directly to a seed source.

Like the idea of a home harvest, but unsure of what a tomato plant needs to thrive? No problem.We’ve got tomato articles and videos galore to walk you through every step between germination and harvest. I’ll be tending to and snacking on ‘Blondkopfchen’ golden currant tomatoes all summer long. What will you be growing?

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  1. susan749 03/13/2012

    I would love to grow a good paste-type tomato for canning that is resistant to the blights and leaf spots. Here in Michigan, I had a really bad tomato year last year. Hoping for a better one this year.

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