Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Get the gardener in your life exactly what they'll love this holiday season

It’s that time of the year again.

We know that the gardener in your life may be particularly hard to buy for during the holiday season. How does one buy a beloved plant variety in the winter? So we put together this handy shopping guide with tools, gear, garden decorations, and more. We’re sure your favorite gardener will love anything (or everything!) on this list. Below, see suggestions from the Fine Gardening editorial team and our sponsors.

Have your own wishes for this holiday season? Make sure to comment at the bottom of this page to give your family a little hint of what you might like from Santa.



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Garden Planning and Designing Gift Ideas

Editorial Pick from Steve Aitken

Keep Better Garden Records

If you want to keep better track of what goes on in your garden but don’t want your paper to turn into a dirty ball of mush, try Rite in the Rain notebooks. Made from environmentally responsible materials and completely recyclable, they are filled with coated ­paper that stands up to water (from rain, the hose, or just morning dew) and dirt. The company even sells pens and pencils that will write in the rain.

Price: $3.95 to $17.95



Editorial Pick from Carol Collins

Design Your Garden Toolkit by Michelle Gervais

What a fun idea! This do-it-yourself garden design book allows readers to experiment with plant combinations before planting. More than 150 beautiful, reusable cling stickers represent a versatile palette of plants that are beautiful, widely available, and adaptable to many regions. An inspiring gift for experienced gardeners and budding green thumbs alike.

Price: $19.95





Fine Gardening Subscription

Of course! The avid gardener in your life will love a subscription to Fine Gardening featuring design and how to articles from the world’s leading experts and professional garden designers. Give your loved one something to look forward to the whole year through with this wonderful gift.

Price: $29.95  Get a subscription for up to 56% off now!



Sponsored Pick from Simply Succulents

Simply Succulents

Simply Succulents® grows and sells a variety of hardy and exotic succulents and living garden art created with these beautiful, versatile plants. Choose the perfect gift from a variety of terrariums, topiaries or our grapevine art. Many are also offered in a kit form which make a welcomed gift as the kit or as a finished gift you create yourself for someone you love. If you can’t make up your mind, gift cards are also available that are delivered by email the same day you purchase them – a great option for last minute gifts! These unique handcrafted gifts are perfect for someone special this season.

Price: Range from $29.95 – $79.95

Gift Certificates are also available



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Garden Art and Decorations Gift Ideas

Sponsored Pick from Fish in the Garden

Cobalt Koi Garden Art

Now it’s possible to bring the serenity and vibrant colors of a Japanese Koi pond to a garden landscape instantly — without the maintenance and expense of a constructed water feature. Fish In The Garden’s ceramic Koi fish sculptures will appear to lazily cruise through pristine plantings as soon as they are unpacked. Like the real thing, they look delicate but are made of sturdy stoneware clay that has been fired to 2,200-degrees Fahrenheit. This strengthening process enables them to stand up to the fiercest winter and summer temperatures, while adding bright splashes of color to all types of landscapes. Buy the ceramic fish sculptures in multiples — at least three are ideal for conveying the impression of movement — and arrange them creatively to complete a relaxing environment.  

Price: $80.00 – Use code Garden18 to receive 10% off online purchase



Editorial Pick from Christine Alexander

Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

We’re not kidding when we say these are not ordinary wind chimes. These come from a company called Music of the Spheres, and the name seems appropriate. The Music of the Spheres chimes are advertised as being made from high-quality tempered aluminum alloy tubing, which is manufactured to never rust. They are tuned to the standard orchestral pitch and feature solid polyethylene clappers that are shaped to perform in a wind as light as 8 to 10 mph. The tough synthetic cordage is also apparently resistant to abrasion, UV rays, rot, and mildew. If Dad has a big tree and the wherewithal to hang it, the largest of these wind chimes (called the “Basso Profundo”) is over 14 feet tall! But you don’t need to go that big for these chimes to be impressive. There is a variety of tunings, all featuring soothing sounds in sizes ranging from 30 inches on up. You can listen to all of the size and tuning options on the company’s website.

Price: $90 to $2,950



Sponsored pick from Happy Gardens

Birdhouse Garden Stakes

These garden stakes will enhance your favorite gardener’s happy place for the holidays and add an enchanting touch to any other outdoor space. The individually handcrafted stakes come in assorted styles, and each has a single sculpted bell that offers a pleasing chime whenever breezes blow. Stakes are 34 inches tall and come in a flamed metal finish.

Price: $17.99 each



Sponsored pick from Happy Gardens

Triple Calla Lily Garden Stake

This intriguing garden stake features a trio of sculpted flowers atop rounded bells that chime gently as breezes blow. Shapely leaves provide a sense of fullness, while the flamed metal finish ­offers a soft, iridescent glow. Lovely on its own or when combined with other garden ornaments, this 36-inch-tall handcrafted piece is certain to be a favorite.

Price: $39.99



Sponsored pick from Happy Gardens

Cairn Garden Statue

A wonderful sculpture that seems to defy gravity, the 8 Stone Cairn has been individually handcrafted to serve as a focal point while complementing foliage and existing outdoor décor. It’s the perfect gift for a gardener and will bring lasting beauty to any outdoor setting. Featuring unique rock art dimensions, each cairn is approximately 13 inches tall. Imported.

Price: $33.99



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Garden Tools and Gear Gift Ideas

Sponsored Pick from Garden Artisans

Wooden Garden Trug

The ultimate carrying basket; strong, lightweight and stable. A functional object of simple beauty, the Garden Trug cradles flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Elegant in style, creating a lovely countertop or table basket.

Handcrafted in Oregon of Myrtlewood and fastened with solid copper nails. Natural wood tones with variations of satiny silver grays and shades of reds, yellows, and browns. Available in two sizes.

Price: $74 to $112*


* Save $10 when purchasing a set.


Editorial Pick from Danielle Sherry

Boots That Can Handle Anything

Nothing says spring in many parts of the country like cool and muddy conditions. So a good pair of comfortable work boots is essential. We suggest the Muck Boot Tremont Wellie. These boots are water-resistant and fleece-lined, and their somewhat aggressive tread ensures that you won’t end up on your rump when it’s slippery out.

Price: $149.99


Sponsored picks from Foxgloves

Foxgloves Garden Gloves Are the Gloves You Love to Wear

Wonder why? That’s easy. Comfort, dexterity, durability, performance, style, and easy care. That’s it! No matter how you garden, Foxgloves has a pair of gloves for you and the gardeners on your gift list.

Price: $21 to $36 per pair




Editorial Pick from Danielle Sherry

A Pruning Saw That Is Super Sharp

If you have a sharp pair of pruners, and perhaps a small chainsaw, you might ask yourself, “Why would I need a pruning saw?” The answer: It’s perfect for all those in-between jobs. For years I have committed the cardinal sin of using my hand pruners to tackle branches that really are too big. I end up marring the tree or shrub, and instantly regret my impatience. On my wish list for Santa this year is a decent pruning saw. I’ve longed for a Silky brand model for years, but couldn’t justify the price tag (often well over $100). So when I saw the Silky Super ACCEL hand saw  in action while visiting a botanical garden this summer, I was thrilled. It’s a manageable size, lightweight, and is said to cut through branches like a hot knife through butter.

Price: $61.95




Sponsored Pick from Burpee Seeds

Weed Warrior Tool Collection

This new heavy-duty tool collection makes a great gift! Made with hand-forged boron steel with a tubular steel handle and ergonomic soft grip for comfort, the collection includes everything the eco-conscious gardener needs to conquer weeds without using harsh chemicals: Combination 4-tine Cultivator, Combination 3-tine Cultivator/Heart Shaped Hoe, Combination 2-tine Cultivator Hoe, Wide Edge Chipping Hoe and Two-tine Cultivator Diamond Hoe. Guaranteed to last a lifetime and bring a smile to the gardener on your list!

Price: $139.99




Editorial Pick from Carol Collins

Ryobi 18v Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Fitted with a pruning blade, this is a great tool for trimming branches, removing weed trees, cutting wooden garden stakes, or cutting back large grasses at season’s end (just tie the grass into a tight bundle before trimming). Use an old blade to cut roots or divide tough perennials. This tool is lightweight, holds its charge for a long time, and is more versatile and easier to handle than a chainsaw. Here’s my favorite pruning blade to go with it.

Price: $179


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Gifts for Bird Lovers

Sponsored Pick from Cole’s Wild Bird

Bountiful Bowl™ Feeder

Want to feed the birds without worrying about what seed goes in what feeder? Then the Bountiful Bowl is for you! This feeder comes with an adjustable dome cover to prevent larger birds and squirrels from getting to seeds and to protect food from the elements. This is a great starter feeder because it’s the easiest feeder to fill and hang. It holds virtually any seed or suet product. Get a lot of birds without a lot of thought.

Price: $42.50

Source: Go to to find retail locations near you.



Sponsored Pick from Cole’s Wild Bird

Cole’s Terrific Tube Feeder™

This is the perfect feeder for experts and beginners alike. No more taking apart your feeder piece by tedious piece—with Cole’s Terrific Tube, you simply push a button and the bottom pops off for super easy access to the inside. Clean, dry, pop the bottom back on, and you’re done. Now that’s bird feeding made fast and easy!

Price: $49.99 (6-port model)

Source: Go to to find retail locations near you.



Editorial Pick from Christine Alexander

Heated Bird Bath

I must express my thanks to the birds who stick around through northern winters. Their flashing reds and blues, tans and blacks provide me with a much-needed respite from bleak winter landscapes. But on frigid days, even tough winter-ready bird species can have difficulty locating the basics for survival. That’s why I love this heated bird bath from Allied Precision Industries. This bath supplies ice-free water to your local birds all winter long, and it tilts for easy cleaning or draining. It also comes with a mount so you can attach it to your garden deck railing.

Price: $67.58

Source: Purchase from Amazon, or try your local birding supply store.



Sponsored Pick from Cole’s Wild Bird

Cole’s Nutberry Suet Blend™

Some wild birds prefer seeds, while others only eat fruit, insects, and suet—but now you can attract them all with a single source of food. Nutberry Suet Blend™ combines all of nature’s best in one delicious mix. Attract seed, fruit, and insect-loving songbirds to your feeder with this unique mix of premium fruits, preferred nuts, nutritious Suet Kibbles, and whole-kernel sunflower meats. This is the ultimate trail mix for your wild birds!

Price: $38.49 for 10 pounds (available in bags of 5, 10, 20, and 40 pounds)

Source: Go to to find retail locations near you.

Sponsored Pick from Cole’s Wild Bird

Cole’s Hot Meats™

Nutritious sunflower meats infused with fiery hot habanero chilies, Hot Meats are a great no waste, no mess feed. Peppers taste hot to mammals, but birds don’t feel the heat. All they taste is “Mmm, mmm good!” Bluebirds and cardinals are especially fond of the Cajun flavor.

Price: $36.99 for 10 pounds (available in bags of 5, 10, 20, and 40 pounds)

Source: Go to to find retail locations near you.


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Great Garden Gift Certificates

Sponsored Pick from Monrovia

Buy Gift Cards to Shop Monrovia Online

Monrovia grows the healthiest, highest-quality plants so that you can create outdoor spaces that will thrive. Now you can view their entire stock online and purchase directly from them.

Price: $25 to $250




Editorial Pick from Danielle Sherry

The Ultimate Plant-Geek Gift Certificate

If you’ve never heard of Far Reaches Farm in Port Townsend, Washington, you’re seriously missing out. They offer some of the coolest, rarest, I-can’t-believe-what-I’m-seeing plants on the planet. Proprietors Kelly Dodson and Sue Milliken scour the globe, often trekking to remote locations, all in order to find truly unique perennials and shrubs for gardeners. Sure, you’ll find more well-known varieties offered in the nursery as well as through their online mail-order catalog. But you’ll also find things like ‘Ione Hecker’ oxalis (Oxalis ‘Ione Hecker’, Zones 6–8), a shimmering cloverlike gem with pink tiger’s eye flowers. Half the fun of reading through the Far Reaches Farm website is the entertaining and colorful plant descriptions. For instance, take the opening sentence on ‘Ione Hecker’:  “A plant this diminutive just can’t be this sassy; but ‘Ione Hecker’ is obviously the English equivalent of Dolly Parton because this is a lot in a little package!” Possibly the best aspect of shopping from this nursery is the well-sized and extremely well-rooted plants. After all, just because they’re treasures doesn’t mean they have to be tiny.


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Garden Container Gift Ideas

Editorial Pick from Steve Aitken

 A Stylish Wall Planter

Leo Wall Planters from Pot Incorporated are stylish, durable, and ready to be filled with plants. Though also available in white and a shiny aluminum, we love the Corten steel, which will get that rusty aged look that is perfect for both old and modern houses. The planters come ready to hang and have a rubber stopper at the bottom, so if you want drainage, you’ve got it.

Price: $95 to $165



Sponsored pick from Exaco

Modern Ceramic Succulent Planter

This handsome high-gloss ceramic planter has multiple openings and works great for succulents, cacti, herbs, and other small plants. It’s the perfect size (8 inches in diameter and 10 inches high) for creating a small garden for a side table or to serve as a centerpiece—and it looks great indoors or out. A great gift for gardeners and apartment dwellers alike, this planter comes in a color to fit every décor: white, anthracite gray, red, or turquoise. Mix and match plants to personalize it.

Price $44.99


Editorial Pick from Carol Collins

 A Spacious Planter That’s Just the Right Height

The VegTrug™ Patio Garden is a great solution for gardeners with limited space, yet it provides ample room to get some serious gardening done. It puts plants at a comfortable working height, with no kneeling or bending required to tend them. The elevated height should also keep plants safe from pests such as rabbits, slugs, and voles.

Price: $289



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What do you want this holiday season? Answer in comments below!


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    If your budget is limited, I think that a nesting box will be a great and very useful gift. When I was in school, our teachers showed us how to do it ourselves. First of all, you need to decide on the material of the birdhouse, most likely, it will be completely made of natural materials. Some people even make birdhouses out of stone, it looks very beautiful and very unusual. It all depends on the imagination and capabilities! But more often for these purposes they simply use dry boards (with the exception of conifers). And you can just buy essays online on the Internet with detailed instructions and drawings to build it.

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