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I’ve never been much of a spring bulb fan. I shied away from their ephemeral nature and Easter Bunny-esque appeal in my California gardening days, but now that I live in Connecticut, their garish splash of spring color makes me giddy. There is nothing more refreshing than the bright pop of bulbs in bloom after a long, dark winter. They are little rainbows of promise that warmth and sunshine will return—even to the northeast.

Last spring I took a trip to the Seattle area to visit my nieces. The region where they live is famous for growing spring bulbs; in April, growers open their gates for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It was April, so of course, the event turned into a family fun day. We drove for hours in awe of the acres and acres covered in bright blooms. Roozenguaarde was a worthwhile stop; they offered tours, refreshments, and of course, BULBS! If you’re a bulb fan, it’s a must attend event; if you’re not, go anyway, you’re sure to come back a convert like me.


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