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Baby in the veggie patch!

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Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage

What happens when a newly mobile one-year-old spots an open garden gate and scoots in? I was picking basil and broccoli for supper, and I held my breath. I needn’t have worried. Nothing got trampled, nothing got ripped up. She stayed on the path, sat down by the colander, and methodically emptied out the basil, sprig by sprig. Later, at supper, she gobbled up her pesto pasta. All that bodes well for my granddaughter’s future as a gardener, and next season, we hope to plant some seeds and pick some berries together. Yum! Care to submit a photo of a baby in the garden for possible use as a Garden Photo of the Day? If we get enough good ones, we can have a full week of photos featuring budding gardeners at the very start of their careers. Email Michelle Gervais!

Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage
Click here to enlarge this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage


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  1. lepfan 12/10/2010

    Beautiful photo. Impressive stand of basil and charming little girl. She looks so at home in the garden.

  2. ncgardener 12/10/2010

    She is a cutie. That is how I got my start, as a child in the garden picking cherry tomatoes. Now I have grandchildren of my own that I am taking out in the garden. Thanks for the memories.

  3. zippygal 12/10/2010

    Darling little gal!! Every garden should have at least one baby in it - with supervision, of course!

  4. sheilaschultz 12/11/2010

    I just spent the day with my 2 1/2 year old grandson. We spend a lot of time outside digging in the dirt whenever possible. Children's smiles make Mama Nature happy... I'm sure!

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