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A wonderful lawn-to-woodland transition

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

I love this layered planting on the edge of the woods at Cornell Plantations in Ithaca, New York. A small hosta (perhaps ‘Golden Tiara’?) along the front edge gives way to a swath of extravagantly blooming rodgersias next, and then comes a row of large ferns before the darkness beyond begins to take over. Beautiful, eh? A large border doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes just a few different plants do the trick, and quite nicely at that!

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  1. bamboomary 12/07/2010

    Yes, this is quite nice and a problem I have struggled with in my garden. I really like the stark white flowering rodgersia for sparkling up what is generally a shady situation.

  2. stanhorst 12/07/2010

    This really is a nice looking transition. That is something I always have struggled with. Maybe I can steal some ideas here and try them out at my place. :-)

    Stan Horst

  3. LynnBay 12/07/2010

    What a delicate way to do this transition, I am truly impressed! It would be nice if a little light pink or yellow was included, but just pale coloration so not to detract from the over all effect.

  4. sheilaschultz 12/07/2010

    Simplicity at it's best... the rodgersia is gorgeous.

  5. Nano8 12/08/2010

    Simply beautiful. I would appreciate a source where I may purchase rodgersia.

  6. arboretum 12/08/2010

    now , this is sooo cool. Rodgersia foliage is so great and you just rarely see it used except in wet bog areas, so this is a really helpful idea. I can't remember if the bloom/berry sequence is commensurate, but if it were, i'd love to see red berried actaea interplanted here!

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