A Tidy Way to Pot a Container

Do you make a mess when you repot your containers? Here's a tidy way to get the job done!

Gary Junken, Produced by Antonio Reis

Containers are a great way to showcase your favorite plants. Container planting gives you many options for combining different plants, as well as easily changing the layout of your garden. If you’ve decided to incorporate container designs into your garden, reading the article “Designing Great Containers” by Rita Randolph will be very helpful.

It doesn’t take long for a fun adventure at the local garden center or greenhouse to become an overwhelming, hair-pulling experience. With the bazillion plant and pot choices available, it can be difficult to pick just the right elements for the perfect container planting. Oceans of begonias, impatiens, coleus, petunias, salvias, and Cape daisies can leave anyone dumbfounded. Then there are the rows of colorful terra-cotta, fiberglass, glazed, metal, and plastic pots to contend with. It’s not easy when faced with so many options, but don’t let that intimidate you. 

Rather than wince, embrace the variety and have fun. As with finding the perfect clothes, shoes, and accessories for a special occasion, you have to try a few things on in the store before you find the right outfit. The best way to assemble a winning container combination is not to be shy about mixing and matching plant and container options at the garden center. You’ll soon find a composition that strikes your fancy. Here’s how I go about finding mine. Read more.


A Tidy Way to Pot a Container

It’s easy to make a big mess while potting a container. Here are some helpful tips from Fine Gardening Senior Editor Danielle Sherry to help keep things tidy.

Materials Needed and Process

1. Use a tarp around your workspace to catch fallen debris. Make sure you add a time-released fertilizer once the soil is in your container

2. Once you’re done adding plants to your container, simply fold up the tarp and dispose of the extra debris

3. Enjoy your new container and your clean potting area!

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