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A second year in Christine’s Quebec veggie garden

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Christine Fitzgerald

We last heard from Christine Fitzgerald a little over a year ago, when she shared her very first vegetable garden with us (refresh your memory HERE). Today she’s back with an update on how the second year went!

She says, “I am a bit late sending these but here are some photos from my vegetable garden in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, in Canada. I also included some photos of my bounty and a few of the critters that made my garden their home for the summer.

“This year was my second year gardening and as with my first, the tomatoes did incredibly well given the cold mornings and evenings that we experienced this summer.  I went a bit overboard this year and planted close to 20 varieties! While I did not plant any seed potatoes, lots grew from leftovers from last year.My hard neck garlic, Romano yellow beans, and italian purple climbing beans did well, as did the rhubarb. For some reason my summer squash and cucumbers did not grow as well as last year. I think summer just got a late start this year. I can’t wait until next spring!”

Me too, Christine! Brrr…..

**** I’m still looking for photos, everyone! While I’ve got a bunch of great submissions in reserve, I can always use more. Pull together some snapshots you took in your garden this season and send them in! Email them to [email protected] Thanks! ****

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  1. dirtgirl1949 11/29/2013

    Well done Christine, a wonderful display of the crops from your veg patch. Thanks for sharing with other vegie growers.

  2. user-1020932 11/29/2013

    christine, those tomatoes make my mouth water. for me,,,,,summer tastes like a tomato

  3. wGardens 11/29/2013

    A great display of tomatoes... I'm envious! Deer took ALL mine this year... never bothered them at all last year! Congratulations on a fine bounty from your second year of gardening!

  4. GardenGrl1 11/29/2013

    Beautiful photos, Christine. Your garden is awesome and it definitely shows that you put a lot of research and hard work into the creation of it. I'm feeling inspired for next spring already! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Quiltingmamma 11/29/2013

    Well done. I like the collage last photo - particularly the angle of that scape.

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/29/2013

    Hi, Christine, after yesterday's over-eatathon down here in the states, your array of healthy and low calorie vegetables looks particularly alluring. That collection of tomatoes is absolutely gorgeous and, if you haven't done it already, you should enlarge that picture and have it is a work of art in its composition. Oops, just got a poke from Mother Nature saying she wants some credit also! And, the collage is also many harmonious colors and textures. You have a wonderful eye and a very green thumb.

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/29/2013

    Hey, Jeff, meant to comment your new pic and glad you're still sporting your trademark hat so, right away, we know it's you. However, you seem to be glancing down so shyly...are you testing us not to tease you?

  8. pattyspencer 11/29/2013

    Oh how I wish I had had even one 10th the veggie garden you have - wow!! So jealous!! lol Love it!!

  9. mainer59 11/29/2013

    You are so productive in such a small space. It's impressive. Mont-Tremblant usually means skiing, not gardening. Have you been yet? I've been to our closest resort, Sunday River, once this year already and am almost through with gardening 2013.

  10. user-1020932 11/29/2013

    meander1, teasing and banter is always welcome and you're right hats are my trademark and being a landscaper in the weather all the time they are a necessity. no livestock here so as i told AnneK,,,,,,i'm all hat and no cattle.

  11. tractor1 11/29/2013

    I love seeing others vegetable gardens and Cristine's is so bountiful, and practical and utile with its shredded bark mulched paths and beds enclosed with salvaged tree trunks... Christine, your vegetable garden is very functional, looks like you've been vegetable gardening for decades. And I too like that collage, especially all those critters. This company has a great array of vegetable seeds, check out the ones from Italy:
    Thank you, Christine.

  12. GreenGrammy 11/29/2013

    Congratulations, Christine--beautiful job. Those tomatoes are gorgeous, and I agree you need to enlarge and frame that photo. Don't you just love those heirloom varieties? Winter has come early here in northeast Ohio, so I too am longing for spring already!

  13. GrannyMay 11/29/2013

    Good for you Christine! There is absolutely nothing as great as harvesting your own vegetables and fruit! All the hard work is forgotten. And saving their beauty in photos doubles the reward! Love both the collage and the tomato photo!

  14. Aarchman07030 11/29/2013

    This Urban Gardener can only look on with envy and awe at your bounty, Christine--congratulations.

    And now the question that must surely be on everyone's mind:

    Meander1--How did your pie crust turn out???

    My late Mother was a talented baker whose perennial Achilles heel as pie crusts. She rarely produced a crust that didn't look, ummmm...special. None of us would have traded them in for a perfect, store-bought crust in a million years and we all still have a sentimental fondness for "disaster" pies....

  15. Meelianthus 11/29/2013

    Christine ~ Your vegetable garden is lovely - and so neat! I am so envious of those luscious tomatoes. I can't seem to grow tomatoes at all, just don't have enough sun in my gardens.
    Your collage is just outstanding - especially the little yellow spider. What a shot!

  16. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/29/2013

    Aarchman07030, you're so sweet to ask...since I tormented myself by taking pictures, I am toying with the idea of submitting them to the Guinness Book of World Records in the EPIC FAIL category...I could be the grand winner! Well, at lest no lives were lost because of my mystifying ineptness. I had a Pillsbury refrigerated premade as my back-up to press (literally) into service. tntreeman saw my pictures via email and his response was "I will have cake,please" funny and totally appropriate!

  17. greengenes 11/29/2013

    Well done, Christine! Wonderful tomatoes! I can already smell them! Wish I could grow them like that..maybe this next year. It looks like you have a great deer fence as well. They have been around our place this have fun deciding what to plant for next year! You are a great gardener of food!

  18. blue_nigella 11/30/2013

    Christine, Wonderful second year garden! Yes, your collage is worthy for framing and displaying. You have such a bountiful collection of tomatoes too. When I was preparing my rattty looking end of season tomatoes for salad tonight, hubby asked me if they were last year's tomatoes :) You do very well with your existing sunlight conditions.

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