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A private courtyard in Charleston, South Carolina

A private courtyard garden in Charleston, South Carolina.
Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

This cool oasis in the middle of town mixes casual and formal perfectly. Recreating the elements of this design would not be too difficult given some time and the right tools.


The patio and walls provide a beautiful backdrop to the pond and plantings. You can build a patio in a weekend with this tutorial.

Water features

The pond and fountain are set into the patio and then edged with bricks, hedges, and containers. See how to trim a hedge here.

If you want to create a water garden, start here.

Living Accents

Lilac, boxwood, and palm trees are just a few of the living green accents that help to turn this courtyard into an oasis.



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  1. arboretum 01/06/2010

    Sighhhhhhhh. This is a most handsome depiction of a true respite.I really admire all the elements which work together to create a cohesive calm , orderly, peaceful experience here.In addition, the talented photographer has framed the shot perfectly to reflect the calm of symmetry but to include many of the built and natural details which make for an interesting visual design.I particularly love the brick filigree panel in the wall of ivy, and the oriental shape of
    the pavilion roof.

  2. BombasticTurtle 03/11/2012

    I would love to have a private backyard area just like this. Great job to the one who has taken the time to build and maintain this. Can be a lot of work if you are a perfectionist!

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