This area is adjacent to the main entrance of the Community Center. Every year we transform it into "The Jungle." The composition changes slightly from year to year depending on what we have planned for other areas. For instance, this year our four tropical smoke bushes were not needed elsewhere so I massed them in the center back of the main bed. The jungle continues to the right. Besides the smokebushes, visible are Red Abyssinian banana, Banana Gran Nain, King Tut papyrus, Borneo Giant elephant ear, Black Coral elephant ear and Albert the alligator. Albert will be leaving soon for the Okefenokee Swamp.

Thanks to Chris Neumann, Lead Horticulturist for sharing the gardens at Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge in Madison, Wisconsin!

"I don't want to say good-bye to summer but I forced to admit it is fall. Here are more photos of some of the gardens at Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge, the non-profit continuing care retirement community for which I work. Our tropical plants are finding this warmer than average September just fine and act as if summer will never end. Elsewhere on campus, the asters, mums and goldenrods are saying cold weather is on its way."

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Closer look at Red Abyssinian banana, Banana Gran Nain with Red Star cordyline, King Tut papyrus and Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Light Green sweet potato.

My assistant, Linda, watering in the Jungle. Red Star and Red Sensation cordylines, Australian Sword fern and elephant ears - Borneo Giant, Mojito, Black Magic.

We plant these beds with annuals every year but, unlike the Jungle, it can change radically from year to year. This year we went with a succulent theme, using agaves, echevarias, paddle plants, cacti and others.

Agaves A. attenuata and 'Spot', Golden Barrel cactus, Setcreasea 'Purple Queen', Echevaria, zinnias and marigolds.

Agave 'Kissho Kan', unknown Agave, echevarias, Caribbean Tree cactus, Persian Queen geranium, marigolds and "dead" sedges.

By the entrance to the Health and Rehab Center. Coffee Cups elephant ear, Gay's Delight coleus and Senator Rose wax begonia.

Fall is here in the Rock Wall Garden - Alma Potschke aster and Fireworks goldenrod.

October Skies aster and Deam's black-eyed Susan bloom in the Garden of Twenty-One Stones across from the entrance to Pioneer Prairie independent living.

One of our restored prairies, this one east of the Settler's Ridge independent living apartments. Big Bluestem (grass); Showy, Stiff and Canada goldenrods; New England, Smooth, Frost and Heath asters; Sweet black-eyed Susan.

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