Our Ponderosa Pine had to be cut down so I had them make a pedestal for my pot. Coleus is mounded on the pedestal with Morning Glories covering the hummingbird feeders and Sedum, looking on. Hakonechloa Macra is to the left.

Do we choose gardening, or does gardening choose us? It seems Leslie deLongpre in Pittsburgh, PA was chosen by the need to garden! Kudo's to her supportive (and handy) husband! 

"Here is a little tour of my garden.  I live in Pittsburgh Pa. I’m a self taught gardener, and mostly garden by accident. I NEED to be out in my garden for at least a little while every day.
My husband supports my habit, with his rockways, edgings and uncanny ability to level any surface by sight."

This is what happens when a Geologist retires. My husband  made a dry creek bed where the gutter comes down. When it rains we run to the window to watch our creek rise! In the fall my Hakonechloa Macra turns a beautiful yellow color.

My daughter made this head/vase in school, many years ago. It has finally found the right resting place on the side of my trellis, with Morning glory and Mandevilla vine.

This is on top of a potting table my husband made for me. An accidental grouping of leftover flowers put in one pot, made a beautiful composition that I couldn’t replicate, even if I tried.

My Clivia gets to come out and play in the summer. I love how the colors of the plant complement the colors of the sun and moon.

This is our tree man who watches over our ferns. The Grand kids love to climb on the stool and re-arrange Mr. Tree’s face. The ferns were started many years ago and keep filling in the area. I’m not sure what kind of fern they are.

How did you catch the gardening bug, and what keeps you going?

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