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This sunny corner is filled with Russian sage, sea holly, shasta daisies, a Korean spice viburnum and preying mantises.

Do you know how to calculate the area in a circle of grass? Beth Bennett's 8th grade math students can! Her urban garden in Columbus, Ohio is both lovely, and educational! 

"My garden, Bruck Border, began in the early spring of 2014. My previous gardens tended to be informal with organic shaped borders in spacious lots. But my new 113-year-old house in an urban neighborhood challenged my previous way of thinking. I removed nearly everything from my tiny lot and created geometric beds (as a math teacher I totally nerded out with the calculations) filled with informal plantings. My boyfriend thought I was nuts when I insisted on a "circle grass" but he is pleased with the result. I look forward to observing this garden as it matures and to its continual tweaking. I have included a picture immediately after the creation of the "circle grass," 15 months ago. I enjoy the glimpse into others' gardens every morning!

You can follow her garden on Instagram at @bruckborder

Garden Photo of the Day

I love the see through quality of Verbena bonariensis and even though it didn't over winter last year I couldn't imagine Bruck Border without it. The drumstick allium are peaking and Lavender 'Phenomenal' is happy in its second growing season. The silver fuzziness of the lamb's ear is fun and adds to my favorite color combo-purple and silver.

This side of the circle grass is shaded by the neighbor's river birch and is filled with oakleaf hydrangeas, hostas, hellebores, heucheras, ferns, astilbe, boxwood, and a Cornus kousa. I feel so fortunate that this lovely brick pathway was here when I moved into this home. Keeping the weeds out of the cracks, that's another story.

The main colors in Bruck Border are purple and silver with a splash of orange and gold.

Garden Photo of the Day

15 months ago, and yes I made my 8th graders calculate the area of the "circle grass" and the area of the planting beds. I only got a few eye rolls.

Keep sending in photos, everyone! Whether you've never shared before or you've been featured multiple times, we want to see your garden! Email a few photos and the story behind your garden to

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