Genus: Upright wild ginger


Jennifer Benner
Upright wild ginger (Saruma)
Saruma bears stems and leaves that are densely pubescent, giving the plant an overall silvery, felted look early in the season. Its one-inch, pale yellow flowers have three petals and are borne at the tips of each stem in spring and intermittently through late summer. It forms an upright perennial, 2 feet high by 2.5 feet wide, with heart-shaped leaves that fan out horizontally in all directions. This Chinese native is choice for the woodland garden as a single specimen or in drifts.
Noteworthy characteristics:  The sole species, Saruma henryi , is as sublime as it is uncommon. Its velvety leaves and distinctively-shaped, soft yellow flowers make it a superb specimen in a shady border, where it can contrast with more finely-textured plants.
Care:  Grow in partial to full shade in moist or slightly dry, well-drained soil; tolerates both alkaline and acid soils.

Sow seed while fresh; propagates easily by tissue culture.

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Upright wild ginger
Saruma henryi