by Michelle Gervais

This bed was one of my favorites, combining Berberis ‘Concorde’, our native kinnikinnick, a long-forgotten amsonia, Crocosmia ‘Coleton Fishaacre’ (a luscious gold), a cute larix, brunnera (possibly my fave perennial), and ceratostigma.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everyone, and welcome to Day 2 in Tia Scarce's garden! In case you missed it yesterday, she said, "These photos are from my Kirkland, Washington, garden. It was eight years in the making. My goal was to create a garden that can withstand our annual dry period without any supplemental water. Pesticide-free, only the lawn got an occasional hit with organic fertilizer. I mulched every three years or so with a rich compost. We recently sold it, opting instead for a smaller, sunnier, easier to maintain property." Scrumptious plantings, Tia! So cool and wonderfully textural. And those floating glass balls are mesmerizing. Thanks so much, again, for sending in photos!


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Come and meet up at the  Northwest Flower and Garden Show this year!

I'm scheduled to give another GPOD talk (A few of you will be getting emails in the next two weeks as I put together the slideshow...), and a number of people have emailed to say that they'll be at the show, and that they'd love to meet up with a bunch of fellow GPODers!

The RSVPs so far:

Glenda Curdy (Nurserynotnordstrom)
May Kald (GrannyMay) - tentative
Catherine Campbell (CrannyCC) - tentative
Tia Scarce
Jeanne Cronce (Greengenes)
Sheila Schultz
Shirley Graves
Chris Niblack (ChrisSeattle)


So...who else is going to be there?? Let us all know in the comments, and we can start planning an outing! Perhaps after-dinner drinks one night at the bar at the Sheraton?  I'll repeat this announcement for the next week or so, at least, and keep a running list of who's coming....enticement for even more people to come. Oh, and when you comment to say you'll be there, give us your real name so that I can plan name tags that include both that and your screen name...

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And as always, SEND ME PICS OF YOUR GARDEN, OR A GARDEN YOU'VE VISITED! Email me at Thanks! --Michelle

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Blue fescue, a very decorative begonia, and a very forgiving fern under a 'Limelight' hydrangea, with a dwarf ginkgo in the corner.

More of the reds and oranges that I rely on for continuity in my gardens

A hardy fuchsia with a hakonechloa

This is a fall peek through the seed heads of the Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’ against the color of the 'Shishigashira' Japanese maple with the Panicum ‘Shenandoah’ showing its fall habit.

This enkianthus was a stunner in the spring and fall, here overhanging a coleus and hardy cyclamen.

An atmospheric fall day showing off the Arbutus unedo ‘Compacta’ with Physocarpus ‘Coppertina’ behind

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