by Michelle Gervais

A landscape designer suggested this house color as a backdrop to a garden. The hot red/orange trim is my signature. I used it throughout with flowers, glass art, and a big pot not shown in these pics.

Today's photos are from Tia Scarce, who says, "These photos are from my Kirkland, Washington, garden. It was eight years in the making. My goal was to create a garden that can withstand our annual dry period without any supplemental water. Pesticide-free, only the lawn got an occasional hit with organic fertilizer. I mulched every three years or so with a rich compost. We recently sold it, opting instead for a smaller, sunnier, easier to maintain property." Oh, Tia, I don't think I could have given this house or garden up! But I can't wait to see what you do with your NEW property... ***Tia sent in so many great shot's that we'll be spending tomorrow in her garden, too! Today leaned more toward the hardscape, while tomorrow will feature some of her stunning plant combos. Stay tuned!***

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Hey all! I and a bunch of the other FG editors will be at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show again this year, and I'm scheduled to give another GPOD talk! (A few of you will be getting emails in the next two weeks as I put together the slideshow...) A number of people have emailed to say that they'll be at the show, and that they'd love to meet up with a bunch of fellow GPODers!

The RSVPs so far:

Nurserynotnordstrom (Glendy Curdy)
GrannyMay (May Kald) - tentative
CrannyCC (Catherine Campbell)
Tia Scarce
Greengenes (Jeanne Cronce)
Sheila Schultz


So...who else is going to be there?? Let us all know in the comments, and we can start planning an outing! Perhaps after-dinner drinks one night at the bar at the Sheraton?  I'll repeat this announcement for the next week or so, at least, and keep a running list of who's coming....enticement for even more people to come. Oh, and when you comment to say you'll be there, give us your real name so that I can plan name tags that include both that and your screen name...

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And as always, SEND ME PICS OF YOUR GARDEN, OR A GARDEN YOU'VE VISITED! Email me at Thanks! --Michelle

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--BEFORE-- The side yard looked like this before I got started. We were still cleaning up after the big windstorm of 2006.

--AFTER-- The taller plants in the bed above are Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’, Acer ‘Shishigashira’, Panicum ‘Shenandoah’, and Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’.

My husband and I installed the gravel path and stepping stones as a replacement for a narrow, heaved up concrete sidewalk. I quickly gave up trying to keep it debris-free. The tall conifers won that battle.

A peek into the backyard. None of what you see here was there when we moved in in 2006 except, of course, the borrowed view from across the fence.

I included this shot of our backyard path to the shed because it shows a very satisfying DIY project (albeit in need of maintenance here). After taking out a small basketball court we used the concrete chunks to make this connection to shed from the back of the house. After some time I removed that ground cover (leptinella?) between the pieces because it was running rampant in the lawn.

Too many thing to name!

The garden was a certified wildlife habitat via the National Wildlife Federation.

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