It's all fine and good to luck into a free giant terra cotta pot, but getting it home and in place without breaking it is really a whole other thing. I knew I was lucky when someone loaded it int he back of my truck for me, but my brain's gears were already clinking, trying to figure out how I was going to get it out.


When I got home, Dan walked around the truck/pot several times. I watched him, with a grimace, knowing full well that this dear man was going to hurt himself trying to get this damn pot down. Or, even worse, break the pot. 


So I suggested I pull the truck around to a tiny hill in the front yard, backing up to it until the tailgate was at just about the same level as the hill. And what do you know? It flipping worked!


From there, we got it on a moving dolly and slowly rolled it down to the area that I'd like to have it in, forever and ever.

Now. What should I put in it?

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