Before filling your garden, fill your library.

Because so much in the way of vegetable-growing books is fad-based, it can be hard to know what reference information is accurate and easy to follow. Here are a few picks from vegetable extension expert Robert Hadad, along with his thoughts on what makes them so great.

The New Organic Grower 
By Eliot Coleman

Eliot Coleman is a master organic grower and shares decades of experience on every page. 

Storey’s Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs for Market 
By Keith Stewart

This is a well-written guide that provides in-depth treatment to all aspects of vegetable growing, organic practices, and practical marketing.

How to Grow More Vegetables
By John Jeavons

This book provides the “how-to” for a productive system of growing edibles. There are informative charts on figuring out how much to plant for a family or for figuring out how to get enough yields to market.

Gardening for Profit
By Peter Henderson 

If you can find a reprint of this book, published in 1874, it is worth your time and effort. Peter Henderson was a vegetable grower who wrote meticulously on the subject of vegetable production. There are many useful pieces of information on growing as well as a great view from the historical perspective. Henderson sold his produce in the markets of New York City.


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