Gardening Basics addresses common problems gardeners face. For more information on many of the subjects discussed in this publication, click on the links below for text and/or videos that will help you handle garden situations of all kinds.

100 Skills That Will Make You a Better Gardener

6. Make Stubborn Hydrangeas Bloom
Big Flowers from Bigleaf Hydrangeas
How to Prune Hydrangeas 

17. Plant a Container
A Great Pot Inspires its Planting
Great Plants Deserve the Perfect Po

20. Effectively Battle Deer
What Deer Damage Looks Like 

21. Mulch
Mulch for a Healthy Garden
Making the Most of Mulch 

27. Pinch a Pine
Pruning Pines 

30. Harvest Seed
Collecting Seeds
Storing Seeds 

32. Train a Vine
Types of Climbing Vines 

34. Plant Bare-Root Plants
Planting Ornamentals (Bare Root) 

44. Pinch a Plant
Pinching Coleus
Pinching Stem Tips 

45. Dry Herbs
How to Dry Herbs 

47. Make Leaf Mold
How to Make Leaf Mold 

49. Stake a Tomato
How to Support Tomatoes 

53. Take a Picture of Your Garden
Take Photos that Look as Good as Your Garden 

55. Kill Slugs
Ridding Your Garden of Slugs and Snails 

65. Secure and Plant a Windowbox
Think Outside the Window Box
Herbs for Every Window Box

73. Buy a Quality Container
The Perfect Pot 

83. Site a Tree
A Bold Border of Trees and Shrubs 

94. Build a Rain Barrel
Build a Rain Barrel 

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