Genus: Scaevola


Chris Curless
Almost 100 species of mostly evergreen perennials from Australia and Polynesia make up the genus Scaevola.  Some species are climbers, shrubs, or small trees. They are grown for their distinctive fan-shaped flowers, often in shades of blue or purple. Use in a border in warmer areas, or as summer annuals in containers or hanging baskets where not hardy. 
Noteworthy characteristics:  Mostly short-lived and evergreen. Fan-shaped flowers, often blue, purple, or white.
Care:  Grow in full sun or light shade and moist but well-drained, humusy soil. Indoors, grow in bright indirectly light and keep just moist in winter.

Sow seed at 66° to 75°F in spring, or root softwood cuttings in late spring or summer.

Species, varieties and clutivars for genus Scaevola

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Fairy fan-flower
Scaevola aemula