I painted the windows and door white this summer. I think it gave the garden a whole new look. My two apple trees are in front of the bench and the large tree at the far back is a Cherry tree.

We are in love with Anna Ingibergsdottir's romantic Icelandic garden, and we think you will be too!

"I have a small romantic garden in Iceland. In it I have a small greenhouse, gazebo, pond to name a few things. We manage to grow Apple trees etc. I have twice gotten a reward from my town for my garden."

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We sometimes eat in the garden house. I have tried to make it cozy there. During the winter time it is storage for all the patio furniture, outdoor décor, etc.

The stones I used for the pond all came from the hole I made for the pond. Around it I use mostly hosta plants.

I like this Aruncus dioicus in front of the greenhouse. It keeps the greenhouse from being too hot when the sun shines. Laburnum to the right.

Before there was just grass there, now white stones and wood stepping.

I like these Danish strawberries. They bloom pink all summer. There are, however, very few strawberries.   : )

My son fishing.   : )

This is one of my favorite perennials, Eryngium alpinum.

Garden at night.

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