I didn't think Pauline and Faria's garden in Carmichael, California, could get any better, but every few months, Irvin sends me some new photos, and I get blown away by the awesomeness once again. (Remember Pauline's garden? We've featured it several times-- here, here, here, here, here, and here) This time, Irvin's given us a collection of photos of water features from around the garden. He says, "Pauline's woodland garden is our paradise borrowed from and shared with nature. It's a wildlife habitat that includes tall trees for nesting, ground cover and shrubbery for shelter, a variety of plants and flowers for food, and sources of water. In that regard, we have attempted to provide visual and audible effects of still, running and falling water throughout the garden.  The offering of water for wildlife simultaneously provides a soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating atmosphere for visitors and us. A three tiered fountain, allowing multiple streams of water to strike the water surface below, projects a pleasant mellow hum. The soft tinkle water droplets falling from a small spray head inside a pot attracts insects and humming birds. Two pot fountains, one centered in a fishpond, the other inside grandma's old clothes washing tub, project a bubbling swish and display the beauty of sparkling water drops on the pot's surface. Two stone basins fed by bamboo spouts attract numerous small birds. Rushing water above a fishpond and ejected water from the mouth of a turtle echo throughout the east garden. The bronze boy statue pouring water from his old fashioned watering can reflects a childhood moment. Rushing falling water down a waterfall, created to blend into and balance the garden, resonates softly throughout the lower garden. A favorite of doves and robins is a shallow birdbath among birch trees." Incredible. I want to be there right now. Thanks, Irvin and Pauline!

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