Today's photos are from Kathy Uszler in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Kathy says, "I have lived in my house for almost 34 years.  I started gardening seriously here about 20 years ago.  Eleven years ago I took my passion for gardening and turned it into my vocation.  I have operated my own landscape design and installation business and have really enjoyed creating beautiful landscapes and gardens for my clients.
           As with any garden, mine has grown slowly over the years and it makes me happy to spend what little time I have left after work in my garden.  I'm sending photos now because I will be leaving this garden soon.  My husband and I are moving to a retirement community and we've just sold the house.  I will be passing this garden on to another gardener and am looking forward to beginning a new one at my new home.  I'm hoping of course that the new owner will be willing to share plants from their new garden so I can bring some memories with me to my new one." Oh, it's so sad to leave a garden Kathy, but so exciting to think of all the opportunities in the new one! I'm sure it will be as beautiful as this one is. Have fun!  **Check out the captions on each photos for more info**

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