Today's photos are from John Benjamin Kamp in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. He says, "This is the landscape I designed for my parents, who were looking to turn a very haphazard perennial garden into something with a bit more structure but that still retained its wild roots. I like to play with those kinds of contrasts - formal/wild, modern/rustic - and so that's what guided this project. We cut a series of pathways and a gathering circle into the landscape, lined these with steel edging and used a simple Minnesota crushed limestone as the surface material. Then we added in mostly grasses and shrubs to give the landscape a bit more muscle (it was too perennial-heavy before) and to add more winter/year-round interest. I also wanted to create a good monarch habitat in the landscape too, so I've planted both nectar and pollen sources so that there's a sort of "monarch loop" in the landscape. We had about 20 monarchs at one point this summer in the landscape, when the Liatris ligulistylis was in bloom. Now my parents love sitting here in late afternoon in summer when the sun bathes the whole space in light. It's been so exciting and satisfying to see the space evolve and fill in." So great, John! Thanks for sharing it with us. Your parents must love it!



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