Yes, Rwanda...exciting, yes?! Today's photos are from Cynthia Goodson. She says, "My husband and I have lived in Kigali, Rwanda, where he is with the U.S. Embassy, since early September.  Our house has a large, mature garden with many tropical plants, shrubs, and trees, but I think my favorite is this old cycad, which is quite regal. It has recently begun to put out a new crown of leaves." So cool, Cynthia! Would you say that Rwanda's climate is similar to southern California, if it can be compared to any climate in the states? I'd love to know.

*****When Cynthia sent these photos in, she also gave me a link to her blog, enclos*ure. I visited and was instantly hooked. I was especially moved by her post on Rosamond Carr, whose garden she visited recently. You just have to read it. Click here!*****

OK, so if someone from Rwanda can send me pictures from their garden, SO CAN YOU! Keep sending in your pics, folks. We still have 17 states to go! Yeah, that's right, Alaska, I'm talkin' to YOU....

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