Today's photo are form Benjamin Vogt in Lincoln, Nebraska. Benjamin says, "Here are several images of my prairie-esque garden. I began the garden in July of 2007 (almost 5 years old!). I use 75% native perennials, shrubs, and trees, and do copious amounts of research so the right plant goes in the right place--the plants then need me hardly at all.  I cut down everything by hand, using the waste as mulch, and use hollow-stemmed plants to create mason bee bundles to hang on the fence. I raise, on average, 200 monarch butterflies each year, and garden for insects. The garden attracts twice as many insects each year (seriously!), and more and more birds feeding on them. I use no chemicals, and predatory insects often take care of the bad ones within days." Holy cow, Benjamin, that's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your garden with us! ***Benjamin has a blog! Check it out HERE.***

Did you notice?? Nebraska! That makes 35 states represented (we're missing NV, AZ, NM, WY, ND, SD, OK, AR, MS, IN, KY, WV, HI, AK, and VT), along with at least 4 Canadian provinces and several countries. Keep sending in your photos, so we can span the country and the globe! I am waaaaay too excited about the prospect..... Does anyone know of a widget I can add to the page that keeps track of specific locations on a map?

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