Today's photos are from Andrea Niederer near Boise, Idaho. Andrea says, "I live in the Intermountain West, near Boise, Idaho, in USDA Hardiness Zone 6. We have lots of sun and cool nights so plants, especially fruit and veggies, like to grow here. As long as you water them!
   This is my apple espalier that I started just two years ago. There is a Fuji apple on the right and a Gala on the left, cross-pollinators.  This is a great way to hide and soften an ugly white vinyl fence, plus boost productivity of your yard. The first year the trees produced 4 apples total. The second year (2011) the trees produced 110 apples.  Amazing and beautiful!" It is, Andrea! Thanks for sharing. Hey--Andrea has a blog! Read it here:

OK, so I'm finally back from my long birthday weekend...and life at 40 seems just like life at 39 (cat's out of the bag--yup, 40)! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!! I was checking in for the last few days on the comments, and I have to say that I am still giggling over cwheat000's comment that Tractor1 is the Simon Cowell of the GPOD! We all love you, Sheldon!  Keep on telling us how it is.
   One other thing--thanks SO MUCH for all of the garden tips you've all been sending me! It's always been a struggle to come up with enough good tips for an issue, and you guys made it a BREEZE. I'll be pestering you again in another couple of months, but for now I am soooo grateful.

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