Gardeners often lament that they feel intimidated about pronouncing the Latin names of plants. Keep in mind that pronunciation in any language is not always a hard-and-fast matter. If you can’t remember the preferred pronunciation of a plant name, just do your best—and say it with conviction!
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Nandina domestica
(nan-DEE-nah dom-ESS-ti-kah)
Napaea dioica
(nah-PAY-ah dy-oh-EYE-kah)
Narcissus bulbocodium
(nar-SIS-us bul-bo-KOE-dee-um)
Narcissus jonquilla
(nar-SIS-us jon-KWILL-ah)
Narcissus papyraceus
(nar-SIS-us pap-er-AY-see-us)
Narcissus poeticus ssp. recurvus
(nar-SIS-us poe-ET-ih-kus subspecies ray-KUR-vus)
Narcissus pseudonarcissus
(nar-SIS-us soo-doe-nar-SIS-us)
Narcissus tazetta
(nar-SIS-us taz-ET-tah)
narcissus X intermedius
(nar-SIS-us ex in-ter-MEE-dee-us)
Narcissus X medioluteus
(nar-SIS-us ex mee-dee-oh-LOOT-ee-us)
Narcissus X odorus
(nar-SIS-us ex OH-dor-us)
Nassella tenuissima
(nas-SEL-lah ten-yew-ISS-ih-mah)
Nemesia caerulea
(nem-EE-see-ah sir-EW-lee-ah)
Nepeta grandiflora
(NEP-eh-tah gran-dih-FLOOR-ah)
Nepeta racemosa
(NEP-eh-tah rass-ih-MO-sah)
Nepeta sibirica
(NEP-eh-tah sih-BEER- ih-kah)
Nepeta X faassenii
(NEP-eh-tah ex fah-SEEN-ee-eye)
Nephrolepis exaltata
(nef-ro-LEP-iss eks-all-TAY-tah)
Nephrolepis obliterata
(nef-ro-LEP-iss ob-lit-er-AY-tah)
Nerine bowdenii
(nay-REE-nee bo-DEN-ee-eye)
Nerium oleander
(NEER-ee-um OH-lee-an-der)
Nicotiana alata
(nih-koe-shee-AY-nah ah-LAY-tah)
Nicotiana glauca
(nih-koe-shee-AY-nah GLOK-ah)
Nicotiana langsdorffii
(nih-koe-shee-AY-nah langs-DORF-ee-eye)
Nicotiana mutabilis
(nih-koe-shee-AY-nah moo-TAB-il-iss)
Nicotiana sylvestris
(nih-koe-shee-AY-nah sil-VES-tris)
Nicotiana X sanderae
(nih-koe-shee-AY-nah ex SAN-der-ae)
Nierembergia caerulea
(near-em-BER-jee-ah sir-EW-lee-ah)