Gardeners often lament that they feel intimidated about pronouncing the Latin names of plants. Keep in mind that pronunciation in any language is not always a hard-and-fast matter. If you can’t remember the preferred pronunciation of a plant name, just do your best—and say it with conviction!
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Eupatorium dubium
(yew-pah-TOR-ee-um DOO-bee-um)
Eupatorium fistulosum
(yew-pah-TOR-ee-um fist-u-LO-sum)
Eupatorium maculatum
(yew-pa-TOR-ee-um mak-yew-LAY-tum)
Eupatorium perfoliatum
(yew-pah-TOR-ee-um per-fo-lee-AY-tum)
Eupatorium purpureum
(yew-pah-TOR-ee-um per-per-EE-um)
Eupatorium rugosum
(yew-pah-TOR-ee-um roo-GO-sum)
Euphorbia amygdaloides
(yew-FOR-bee-ah ah-mig-dah-LOY-deez variety ROB-ee-ay)
Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae
(yew-FOR-bee-ah ah-mig-dah-LOY-deez variety ROB-ee-ay)
Euphorbia antisyphilitica
(yew-FOR-bee-ah an-ty-sif-il-IT-ih-kah)
Euphorbia characias
(yew-FOR-bee-ah kar-AY-see-ahs)
Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii
(yew-FOR-bee-ah kar-AY-see-ahs subspecies wool-FEN-ee-eye)
Euphorbia coralloides
(yew-FOR-bee-ah kor-al-LOY-deez)
Euphorbia cotinifolia
(yew-FOR-bee-ah koe-tin-ih-FOE-lee-ah)
Euphorbia cyathophora
(yew-FOR-bee-ah sy-ath-oh-FOR-ah)
Euphorbia cyparissias
(yew-FOR-bee-ah sip-ar-ISS-ee-ahs)
Euphorbia dulcis
(yew-FOR-bee-ah DULL-sis)
Euphorbia griffithii
(yew-FOR-bee-ah grif-FITH-ee-eye)
Euphorbia heterophylla
(yew-FOR-bee-ah het-er-oh-FIL-lah)
Euphorbia marginata
(yew-FOR-bee-ah mar-jin-AY-tah)
Euphorbia myrsinites
(yew-FOR-bee-ah mur-sin-EE-teez)
Euphorbia palustris
(yew-FOR-bee-ah pah-LUSS-triss)
Euphorbia polychroma
(yew-FOR-bee-ah pol-ee-KRO-mah)
Euphorbia rigida
(yew-FOR-bee-ah RIH-jih-dah)
Euphorbia schillingii
(yew-FOR-bee-ah shil-LIN-gee-eye)
Euphorbia stricta
(yew-FOR-bee-ah STRIK-tah)
Euphorbia tirucallii
(yew-FOR-bee-ah tee-roo-KAL-ee-eye)
Euphorbia X martinii
(yew-FOR-bee-ah ex mar-TIN-ee-eye)
Evolvulus pilosus
(ee-VOL-view-lus pil-OH-sus)
Exochorda racemosa
(eks-oh-KOR-dah rass-ih-MOE-sah)
Exochorda X macrantha
(eks-oh-KOR-dah ex mah-KRAN-thah)