Gardeners often lament that they feel intimidated about pronouncing the Latin names of plants. Keep in mind that pronunciation in any language is not always a hard-and-fast matter. If you can’t remember the preferred pronunciation of a plant name, just do your best—and say it with conviction!
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Deutzia gracilis
(DEWT-see-ah grah-SIL-iss)
Dianthus amurensis
(dy-ANN-thus am-ur-EN-sis)
Dianthus barbatus
(dy-ANN-thus bar-BAT-us)
Dianthus barbatus var. nigrescens
(dy-ANN-thus bar-BAT-us variety nih-GRESS-senz)
Dianthus caryophyllus
(dy-ANN-thus kare-ee-OFF-ill-lus)
Dianthus chinensis
(dy-ANN-thus chin-EN-sis)
Dianthus deltoides
(dy-ANN-thus del-TOY-deez)
Dianthus gratianopolitanus
(dy-ANN-thus grah-tee-ah-no-pol-ih-TAY-nus)
Dianthus plumarius
(dy-ANN-thus ploo-MAR-ee-us)
Dianthus X allwoodii
(dy-ANN-thus ex all-WOOD-ee-eye)
Diascia barberae
(dy-ASS-ee-ah BAR-ber-ay)
Diascia vigilis
(dy-ASS-see-ah VIJ-ill-iss)
Dicentra eximia
(dy-SEN-trah ex-IM-ee-ah)
Dicentra formosa
(dy-SEN-trah for-MOE-sah)
Dicentra peregrina
(dy-SEN-trah pair-ih-GREE-nah)
Dicentra scandens
(dy-SEN-trah skan-denz)
Dicentra spectabilis
(dy-SEN-trah spek-TAB-ill-iss)
Dicentra spectabilis f. alba
(dy-SEN-trah spek-TAB-il-iss forma AL-bah)
Dichondra argentea
(dy-KON-drah ar-JEN-tee-ah)
Diervilla lonicera
(dy-er-VIL-ah lon-ISS-er-ah)
Diervilla sessilifolia
(dy-er-VIL-lah sess-sil-ih-FOE-lee-ah)
Digitalis ferruginea
(dij-ih-TAL-iss fer-roo-JIN-ee-ah)
Digitalis grandiflora
(dij-ih-TAL-iss gran-dih-FLOOR-ah)
Digitalis obscura
(dij-ih-TAL-iss obs-KURE-ah)
Digitalis purpurea
(dij-ih-TAL-iss per-per-EE-ah)
Dimorphotheca sinuata
(dy-mor-foe-THEE-kah sin-yew-AY-tah)
Diphylleia cymosa
(dy-fil-EE-ah sy-MOE-sah)
Disporum sessile
(dy-SPOOR-um SESS-ill-ee)