Gardeners often lament that they feel intimidated about pronouncing the Latin names of plants. Keep in mind that pronunciation in any language is not always a hard-and-fast matter. If you can’t remember the preferred pronunciation of a plant name, just do your best—and say it with conviction!
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Astrantia carniolica
(ah-STRAN-tee-ah kar-nee-OH-lee-kah)
Astrantia major
(ah-STRAN-tee-ah MAY-jor)
Astrantia maxima
(ah-STRAN-tee-ah MAKS-ih-mah)
Athyrium filix-femina
(ah-THEER-ee-um fil-lix-FEM-in-ah)
Athyrium niponicum var. pictum
(ah-THEER-ee-um nih-PON-ih-kum variety PIK-tum)
Atriplex confertifolia
(AT-trih-plex kon-fer-tih-FOE-lee-ah)
Atriplex hortensis var. rubra
(AT-trih-plex hor-TEN-sis variety ROO-brah)
Aucuba japonica
(ah-KEW-bah jah-PON-ih-kah)
Azara microphylla
(ah-ZAR-ah my-kro-FY-lah)