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What is this plant.?

Thought it was a black eyed Susan, looks very similar until compared up close. 

Mystery tulip

After 5+ years of tulips, this is the first time one like this appeared without purposely planting it.  Soft creamy yellow with red outlined edge. This is in the ground and is not a cut flower. Does...

Tall Hunter Green Specimen in Zone 5

One photo shows the entire plant with the next photo a close up of the dark blue flowers. No fragrance. Dark hunter green leaves. Plant stood about 3-4 feet tall in a NE garden in zone 5. 

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Re: Annita's garden and nurserywork in NIGERIA!

Annita--we have a lot of beautiful, inspiring garden photos submitted to this blog. For some reason that I can not explain, your entry touched me in a way no other entry has. Thank you for your courage to reach out half way around the world. Please send more photos as you continue to grow I your new horticulture career. A very merry and blessed Christmas.