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Diminutive Woodland Plant

I'm back again with another unsolved plant mystery. These little plants grow in my front "yard" under a dogwood tree that is, in turn, under a larger canopy of huge Carolina pines. As you can see...

Shrub that smells like heaven!

I am new to South Carolina and have several over 6-foot-tall shrubs growing in my back yard. They have broad green, non-serrated waxy leaves that remind me of an orange tree.  It is now blooming...

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Re: Diminutive Woodland Plant

tntreeman, you are good! I just searched under Chimaphila maculata and that's definitely it. I will certainly leave them alone now - always nice to have healing plants around. An added benefit is that they are pretty cute!

Re: Shrub that smells like heaven!

Wow! Crybaby trees are amazing-looking! Thanks for the suggestion. I see that the seeds are toxic to humans - do birds or any other wildlife eat them?

Re: Shrub that smells like heaven!

Mystery solved! Thanks so much tntreeman!