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Re: Julie's garden in British Columbia, Day 2

Very creative and lovely environment. So glad you shared it with us.

Re: Gardening with kids at Green Chimneys Farm and School in New York

A favorite garden memory was with my grandpa Earl. I was around five and our family strawberry patch was ready for harvest. It was a hot and humid day in Missouri. Apparently I picked a lot of berries and was very flushed. My grandpa took me to the general store and sat me on the counter. He told the sales clerk that I was a hard garden worker and that I needed a hat. That straw hat was my pride and joy. Strawberries are still my favorite! I live in Oregon now and grow
the long season Seascapes.

Re: Karen's no-lawn front yard in California

You've got spirit and your garden shows it. Bet you enjoy eating those veggies.
Just think, thanks to FG all of us garden lovers are connected.

Re: Calvin's garden in Washington state

Thanks for the inspiration. Your garden is helping me along as I work on a new area in my garden.

Re: Linda & Terry's garden in Ontario

What a paradise you've created. Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Linda & Terry's garden in Ontario

What a paradise you've created. Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Jackie's spring garden in Michigan

I love this fairy garden and am curious about the glass garden as well.

Re: Mary's garden in Wisconsin

Well done. Your garden is lovely. Plants deserve to be rescued.

Re: Dave's water feature garden in Colorado (Day 2 of 2 in David's garden)

Wow.... your garden gives new meaning to "rock gardening".

Re: David's front-yard rock garden in Colorado (Day 1 of 2 in David's garden)

very nice.. you and your wife have created a unique garden... looking forward to seeing the back garden tomorrow... the rock sculpture in the last photo is stunning... Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Syd's garden in Pennsylvania

So glad Syd, that you shared your garden and your art with us. Wish I could see your art in person.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Brenda's garden in South Carolina

Way to go Brenda. Just beautiful. I love the art pieces in your garden especially the alligator. Multiple Sclerosis is in my family and I think your story would make a great article for the MS magazine. Many thanks for sharing.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Benjamin's garden in Nebraska

Benjamin you are amazing. All this in only five years. i loved seeing your garden in all seasons. It looks like your place has a nice setting. Beautiful photos too.
Is your garden irrigated or do you get enough water? Hope your garden gives you many years of continued joy.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Giuseppe's garden in New York

Beautiful you both are as is your garden and fortunate as well.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Barb's garden in Wisconsin

Lovely garden. I've taken lots of notes on specific plants. I'll be looking at these photos again. Thanks!

Re: Eve's garden in Tennessee, Day 2: Containers

Very nice. Love the recycled parts. I'm going to be on the lookout for a deep fat fryer.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Tim's garden in Ohio, Day 2: The front yard

Inspiration... to get me going on my rock garden project. Thanks Tim. Great job all around.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Terie's garden in New York

When can I move in?

Re: Driftwood garden

As meander1 writes, enchanting is the word. I'd love to know the details of the plant species.

Re: Lounging in the lady's mantle

What a terrific use of the sculpture. I'm curious if it's by Katy McFadden whose work I love. Photos of her garden would be a treat for FG readers.

Re: Pruning & Controlling A Climbing Rose

On a once blooming rose would you only prune the lateral once each season just after it blooms or can you prune the laterals repeatedly throughout the season without sacrificing next year's bloom?