sheila schultz, Denver, CO, US

We moved to Denver from the Chicago area in 2005, and I've had the opportunity to learn a completely different style of gardening out here in the high desert. I worked with a friend in IL for many years installing and tending to gardens plus designing seasonal containers. My business, Denver Dirty Girls opened in 2006. I design and install container gardens for residences.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/17/1949

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Denver Shade Garden

Our tiny backyard was a sun drenched basketball court when we moved to Denver, 5 years ago. It is now a comfortable space to relax and enjoy nature. The muted colors of the flowers in the shade...

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Re: READER PHOTOS! Michelle's containers in California

I've loved Michelle's designs for quite a while now, she is so talented. As a matter of fact I copied one this year, it is beautifully simple... Aeonium Zwartkop, Parrot's beak and Panda Plant. Thanks Michelle!

Re: Margareta's garden in Connecticut

As usual, the days I'm out the door at the crack of dawn without time to check GPOD... containers appear. Love the story behind the photos, adore the whimsey and I'm definitely coveting the face pot! Have a relaxing weekend everyone... tip one to the frog!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Michaele's garden in Tennessee, revisited

Oh Michaele... apparently you are surrounded by all the beauty you so deserve. The placement of every plant has obviously been done with the eye of an artist, and your waterfall is sheer perfection. Thanks for giving us a peek into your world.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Miyako's garden in Connecticut

Isn't it wonderful to have friends with such good taste in plants? Obviously it's getting the right kind of love along-side your patio, it's beautiful. Being a container kind of person, one of the first things I noticed was your succulent pot... fun idea, I may have to copy the idea! Thanks.

Re: Michelle's garden in Connecticut

Love your gardens, Michelle. You clearly are having fun making it distinctly yours. All the textures and colors of the plantings, plus your special touches make it the perfect setting for a bit of relaxation... if you ever have the time!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Tim's garden in Ohio, revisited

Gee Tim, we have the same gardening rules! I fell in love with your gardens in January, and seeing them once more makes me adore them all over again... they are beautiful. I'm feeling guilty, I think I need to go primp and prune.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Rebecca's garden In British Columbia, revisited

How wonderful to have the love of digging in the dirt with your Mom. I would bet that you have had some of your more thoughtful conversations while gardening. Lucky both of you!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Marilyn and Ian's garden in Toronto

Marilyn... It was a pleasure to read the words of such a strong woman. No wonder your garden is so beautiful.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Judy's Garden in Ontario, Day 2

Why is it that the days I can't get to my computer are the days you show containers? Geez... can't imagine having the patience to start my container plants from seed. Wow!
By the way... pattyspencer, you're bringing out the gentle side of our friend tractor1!

Re: Reality Check

Right about that, Andrew. I'm really liking what you are doing Antonio!

Re: READER PHOTOS! A living table in Oregon

Gee Michelle, if you take the flowers out of the mix, could this be a Fine Gardening Container Challenge entry this year? Not a classic container, but... very cool!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cindi's garden in Pennsylvania

What a great idea... love the corn crib!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Irvin & Pauline's garden in California, revisited

Oh,Irvin and Pauline... once again you have brought a smile to my face. As Meander1 said so much earlier in the day... there can never be enough visits to your gardens!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Krista's water garden in Ohio

Just lovely, Krista.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cherry's containers in British Columbia, Day 2

I can't believe that I missed yesterday's post... your containers are fabulous, Cherry. You are a very talented designer. Trust me on this one, do not chicken out on entering the FG Container Design Challenge this year!!!

Re: READER PHOTOS! John's garden in Ontario

You may have retired from teaching, John, but you certainly haven't retired!!!Just lovely...

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ann's garden in New York

What a lush garden... no wonderful everyone wants to hang out!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Kathy's garden in Illinois

Kathy, your gardens show just how much love you have put into them over the years, they are beautiful. The new owners are pretty darn lucky!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Trina's California fishing buoy frogs

So dang cute!

Re: Year-round focal points from humble materials, Day 2

This is just plain fun!

Re: Year-round focal points from humble materials, Day 1

What unexpected fun for the garden...definitely low maintenance! We're thinking about you, TerieLR. I'm sure it will be quite a while before you know the extent of the damage. Do keep us posted!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sally's garden in Maryland

Sally, your garden is perfection... You are such a talented designer. What a way to start the week! (Glad you're back Meander1.)

Re: READER PHOTOS! Stefani's garden in California

Wow, Wow and another Wow! Drop dead gorgeous, Stefani. What you have created is spectacular, with edibles no less! You are an artist and a farmer, and those stone steps make my heart go pitter-patter...

Re: READER PHOTOS! Harriet's garden in Maine, BEFORE!

Harriet Robinson... this is an exceptional transformation! You started with a beautiful pool with a great view. With the transformation, you have created an amazing garden that makes your view more glorious. Reuse and recycle comes to mind. Truly beautiful.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Harriet's garden in Maine, BEFORE!

Meander1, I'm so sorry you have been under the weather... get well wishes are coming your way from Denver!Heal quickly so you can get out in your gardens and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. (This is a belated get well, lots of grandkid moments around here!)

Re: READER PHOTOS! Susan's garden in Georgia

Susan, I really didn't need to see your gardens to know they are beautiful. You are not only a gardener, you are also a writer who's words took me to a fun place.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Elizabeth's garden in Georgia

Without a doubt... there's a lot of love going on at the Majestic family garden!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Marc's garden in Maryland

Marc, you're backyard is more than charming, it's the perfect setting for a little quiet time. It's obvious that you have the joy of gardening in your veins!Is your house one of the Sears Roebuck catalog homes? They're pretty sweet!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Michaele's garden in Tennessee

It does seem like a big bunny with a basket full of colored eggs should be hopping up one of your paths! Creeping phlox always makes me smile...

Re: READER PHOTOS: Brenda's garden in Georgia, Day 2

I hope some group is doing a Spring tour through your gardens, Brenda... the sheer number of bulbs is an amazing visual! Just beautiful!!!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Brenda's garden in Georgia, Day 1

Brenda... it's all so beautiful. My back breaks for you, auger and all, but it was worth every bend and squat!The Conifer Society tour must have been a great success, your selection from what we've seen are just wonderful.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Brenda's garden in South Carolina have opened a lot of eyes today, thank you. Your spirit shines through in your beautiful gardens as does your sense of humor. Love it! Thank you for letting us take a little peek into your world.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Karen's garden in Illinois

Even he needs a bit of amusement once in a while... you have done a fine job making beauty.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Karen's garden in Illinois

Having grown up in central IL, I miss the prairie and farmland. You have brought back wonderful memories with your beautiful and serene gardens. Thanks, Karen.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sheila's container gardens in Colorado

PerenniallyCrazy... check out the deck plant list for #3. The profile pic was the initial photo of that container. I'm pleased you enjoy the work that I love.

Re: Denver Shade Garden

terieLR... I just wish we were neighbors. Your gardens are heavenly and everyone that sees them feels your passionate style of design. You also have the ability to bring a sense of peace to your gardens, that's why all of us viewers feel so comfortable... even tractor1!I am thrilled to finally have sun to play with in my gardens, but I do love my shade garden spaces. Brunnera's, esp. Jack can you not adore what they bring to the shade?
And, oh yeah...being asked to participate in our Open days program this year is the icing on my cake. So much work in store for me, but worthwhile. The big challenge will be making the 4' walkway to the back yard interesting! It's now the storage area, it may be more time-consuming than keeping the gardens alive!I've got a plan ;)
And finally, the move was tough even though we wanted to return to CO... gardening as it always has been is my therapy.
Keep posting, your gardens inspire me!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sheila's container gardens in Colorado

GardenWhimsy, the face pot comes from Campania International

Ok lizmeg, you asked for it! I'll go across each row, keep in mind that many containers are surrounded by others, and I may be wrong with some of my ID's...
1. Agave desmetiana'Variegata'& Calibrachoa 'MiniFamous Compact Safran'
2. Red banana, sweet potato vine & Coleus 'Freckles'
3. top row... asst'd succulents and cacti, including 2-Agave 'Kissho Kan'
deck...Flowering Kale, Alternanthera 'Little Ruby',Coleus Stained Glassworks 'Witch', ornamental pepper 'Black Pearl'& Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
note... the deck pot is the mature version of the pic on this comment!
4. This combo of pots include a Cane Yucca w/sweet potato vine at it's base, a Golden Barrel Cactus, the 1st container and one filled with multi-colors of Calibrochoa
5. Elijah Blue Fescue
6. Aloe dorotheae 'Sunset', Crassula orata 'Hummel's Sunset' & a Rhipsalis (backed by SPV from another pot)
7. Helichrysum 'Icicles' & Bacopa Scopia Golden Leaves White
8. Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire', Aeonium canariense ?,variegated Hoya, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora,Aeonium 'Kiwi'or 'Sunburst'?, Senecio vitalis 'Blue Chalk Fingers'
Happy Potting everyone!Have fun & thanks again for all your kind words.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sheila's container gardens in Colorado

Lizmeg, I'll try to get a few names listed by the end of the day, hope it will help! Pattyspencer... have fun digging and GreenGrowler, see you in Aug. if not before!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sheila's container gardens in Colorado

GreenGrowler... My gardens and containers are going to be part of the Garden Conservancy Open Days program this summer on Aug. 18. You've got to stop by, we're less than an hour away. I'd love to see your gardens, too! We got the patio furniture in Boulder a couple of years ago after our 25 yr. old willow furniture dried to nothing in the dry Denver air.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sheila's container gardens in Colorado

Thanks everyone, I'm so pleased that you like my containers. I do love putting them together. I fell in love with succulents when we moved to Denver from the Chicago area about 7 years ago. We're zone 5 so they all have to come in for the winter. We are empty nester's so 2 bedrooms become the 'nursery' for about 7 months a year. I close the heat vents to keep the rooms cool, raise the blinds to get as much sunlight as possible, and we drop 2-arm lightbulb contraptions from the ceiling 'cans' adding more light 12 hours a day. Chrisob, it is a bamboo fence...hiding the ugly utility boxes on the back wall of our house!Pattyspencer, whenever I use perennials in a container, I plant them in my gardens at the end of the season. And tractor1, I'm honored that you like my photos... I've struggled to improve my skills!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bill's garden in Virginia

Your red yucca is great, Bill. It's such a beautiful plant when in bloom... and your palms are such an unexpected treat! You definitely have the tropical touch.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Karen's garden in Ohio

What an inviting yard... you can tell that it has been filled with loving memories. Thanks for the 'banana info'Vojt, I had no idea any were cold hardy!

Re: READER PHOTOS! More clematis from Terie's garden in New York

Spring has definitely 'sprung,'and your photos are beautiful as ever. Thanks, Terie!

Re: READER PHOTOS! James's garden in California

What a gorgeous photo James... the fountain and the copper roof in the background are perfect in your beautiful garden.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ana's garden in Portugal

Ana, thank you. Your photos are magical!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bob & Mary Ann's garden in Kentucky

Here's another Wow!Your gardens are amazing and you have created such beauty in 3 years? What I love most is that you and your husband enjoy this adventure together. What a lucky couple! BTW,I currently have two upstairs bedrooms with decent light over-wintering about 100 plants, mainly succulents... a basement greenhouse would be such a dream!!!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cynthia's garden in Kansas

Love the combo of the hosta and Angelina, great textural differences. I use Angelina a lot in my Denver gardens, and this time of year the color goes from chartreuse to burnt orange!It's an awesome sedum.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Kathy's garden in New York

Your home must be filled with flowers all summer long... how fun for both you and all of your winged friends!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Even more from Terie's garden in New York

Terie, it's hard to tear myself away from the wonderful photos of your gardens, they are so peaceful. I also agree wholeheartedly with both you and Happily Gardening... meander1, your words are my morning treat. I always look forward to seeing the gardens thru your eyes.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Teri's garden in New York, revisited

Love these photos, Terie. Your gardens have so many layers of interest, they are always a pleasure to see.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Freeland and Sabrina's garden in California

Freeland and Sabrina's gardens always make me drool, their design ideas are so creative... and this one is just plain fun. It has to be beautiful when the branches bloom and leaf out. Thanks Rebecca and Michelle!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Giuseppe's garden in New York

Thank you Linda for starting our week with such a loving peek into your life. What a lucky woman you are to have the time to spend quiet and meaningful moments with your dad, playing in the dirt!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bonnie's garden in Georgia

Bonnie, your water feature is spectacular and your gardens are lovely. Lucky wildlife!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sarah's garden in Maine

Great gardens, Sarah. I love the wild look too!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Gina's garden in Idaho

Michael and Gina, you both are so lucky to have met, obviously you make an excellent gardening team! I especially like the side yard... you took a long, narrow, rectangular space then softened the edges with the curved path. Thoughtfully done.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cynthia's garden in Rwanda

Me again... it's going to take a bit of time to assimilate your blog. Your writing may be more beautiful than your gardens, but I think they probably go hand in hand. Thank you.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cynthia's garden in Rwanda

Cynthia, your photography shows what I want to see... the beauty of your cycads. The unfurling fronds are so delicate and beautiful. Thank you for bringing me a touch of Rwanda. It is on my bucket list of places to see. Please continue sending Michelle your photos. I'm heading to your blog now...

Re: READER PHOTOS! Jan's garden in Wisconsin

What I miss about living in the midwest is the lush greenery with the vibrant fall colors. Don't miss the gray winter skies and a lot of the temps at all! Jan, your pond is outstanding and your gardens are very inviting.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Phillip's garden in Alabama, Day 2

What a lucky man to be surrounded by such beauty. The fall shot takes my breath away! Wow.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Denise's garden in upstate New York

Denise, you've created one of the most charming 1/4 acres I've seen. What a labor of love...

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Terie's garden in New York

Terie, all of your hard work paid off... your gardens are perfection. The plantings blend so seamlessly with the woods, you have created a peaceful haven.

Re: Eve's garden in Tennessee, Day 2: Containers

Eve, your containers are so rich in texture, flowers are definitely not needed. Each one pictured is filled with so many interesting aspects, it's like going on a treasure hunt. Thanks!

Re: Eve's garden in Tennessee

Your gardens and stonework are just beautiful, Eve. I can't wait to see your containers tomorrow!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sarah's garden in Illinois, Day 1: The front yard

Like GreenGrowler, we're in the midst of a snowstorm, so your photos, Sarah, are a welcome relief to all the white I see out my window. You have achieved your goal of providing a welcoming entrance to your home. The drifts of artemesia definitely say, 'touch me!' And yeah, a tallish container on the porch would just be icing on the cake. Congrats on your career change, you are just what Champaign needed! Can't wait to see your back yard on Monday.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Liz's garden in Washington

Your 'shed' and the surrounding area is so warm and inviting... I guess I'll have to take a number for the opportunity to move in. Your customers are lucky!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Rebecca's garden in British Columbia

You just gotta love hostas!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Tim's garden in Ohio, Day 3: This and that

Tim, I'm going to miss the photos of your gardens. Your natural sense of design is so apparent in your combinations, you have given many of us ideas to ponder over the winter months. Thank you!
Michelle, I hope the Birthday Fairy attends to your every desire! Have fun!!!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Tim's garden in Ohio, Day 2: The front yard

Your front yard is fabulous, Tim. I agree with Meander1, your neighborhood must be so happy you moved in.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Terie's garden in New York

Your cottage is definitely magical, but how could it not be surrounded by such beautiful gardens?

Re: READER PHOTOS! Even more from Jane's garden in Minnesota

I'm standing with you, Meander1.

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Jane's garden in Prior Lake, Minnesota

Jane, your garden is a feast for the eyes. The textures are yummy as are the color combinations. Thank you for giving all of us a few ideas for the upcoming season.

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Leslie's garden in Colorado

'Garden' of the Gods has it all... color contrasts, textural differences and of course, Pike's Peak as a backdrop. A year round garden at it's best! You are a lucky woman, Leslie, to be able to garden surrounded by such natural beauty.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Avis's garden in Maryland

What a perfect spot to nurture the imagination in both the young and old. It must be the first place your granddaughter wants to go when she come over. Lucky girl.

Re: Boost Your Garden Design Skills and Save Money at a Flower and Garden Show

Hey Billy... Don't make anyone too crazy at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this year so they'll ask you back. I'm coming next year unless the San Francisco F & G Show works better with my calendar. The 'Tour' you are doing there is brilliant. Have fun!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Jeffrey's visit to Larnach Castle

Wow... I never really thought about landscaping in New Zealand before, I am now! Thanks, Jeff.

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Sara's garden in California

WOW... what a great way to end the week Michelle! Sara's garden is amazing.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Lola's garden in New York

This is one of the prettiest flood abatement projects I've ever seen! Congrats on no more basement floods, and having such a lovely spot to start your day with a cup of coffee.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Marcia's garden in Maryland

What a lucky woman you are, Marcia! Your yard and the surrounding woods are such a perfect setting for your beautiful home.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bruce's garden in Louisiana

What a lovely space to relax with friends and family, you have created a lovely party 'yard' Bruce!

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Kielian's garden in Montana

How very beautiful, Mother Nature at her best. Thank you, Kielian.

Re: READER PHOTO! Mary Jane's garden in New York

Shade gardens are so peaceful. You've created a beautiful space Mary Jane.

Re: Through the gateway to a new year

Thanks for the fun photos, Antonio. Happy New Year everyone!

Re: READER PHOTOS! More from Pauline's garden in California

I'm hard-pressed to imagine a more peaceful place to sit and let go of the worries of the day. Pauline, your vision inspires me, and Irvin, your words are more than loving. I feel good every time I see another photo of your gardens and surrounding spaces. Thank you.

Re: Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays, fellow gardeners!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Katy & Tom's garden in Massachusetts

Very pretty gardens, Katy and Tom. It's easy to tell they were designed and planted with love. Rest up for the spring!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Peg's visit to the Phipps Conservatory

These twig dragons are awesome. They remind me of the 'dragon' seahorses I've seen in the past. Very cool.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Cheryl's garden in Ohio

'Blackie' does seem to be on steroids! This is a fun combo, Cheryl. I always think about putting sweet potato vines in the ground and it never seems to happen... maybe next year!

Re: Driftwood garden

Darcy has quite an eye for detail. I imagine her yard must be filled with fun little details just waiting to be discovered.

Re: Gazing ball nirvana

I really like it when unexpected combinations come together in such a pleasant way. Darcy's grouping just makes you want to touch the different elements.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Kielian's garden in Montana

When Springtime finally rolls around in the Bitterroot Valley, you must want to jump out of bed every morning just to see what's blooming in your gardens! They are quite beautiful, Kielian. I especially like your pathway lights and the way the red makes the background flowers pop. Perfect.

Re: Just a little bit of color

I miss feeding 99% of the birds but since I don't have grass anymore, I can't do it. Too many seedlings grow, too little time to weed the extras. I settle for feeding my sweet hummingbirds and butterflies with my gardens.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Michael's garden in Oregon

Michael, your side yard could not be more lovely. All of your hard work and thought paid off... Bravo!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Linda's Garden in California

Now I know where you get your love of gardening, Rebecca. These vignette's are so thoughtfully put together, they take me to a quiet and peaceful place. Tell your Mom, 'Thank you!'

Re: READER PHOTOS! Pauline's garden in California, in full fall color

How wonderful it must be to walk through these gardens... a feast for all the senses.

Re: Which came first?

The shutters and the pot blend so well together, love the colors. Aside from that, this pot has the perfect shape for planting. The straight, up and down sides make for very easy transplanting.

Re: A grand, classic statement

PS Tractor1 Hope you see this since generally you make me crazy. Today, your thoughtfulness made me smile.

Re: A grand, classic statement

tractor1... have I seen the kind and gentle side of you? You are right , the stately ancient trees are more than beautiful. Thank you.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Lovely, Irvin and Pauline... a perfect way to start this special day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Re: Debra's adorned pot

Now, if only I had saved that broken pottery... what a fun way to add a bit of pizazz to a clay pot!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Karin's garden in California

Beautiful color Karin. Your yard is lovely.

Re: READER PHOTOS! John's parents' garden in Minnesota

You've created a charming and peaceful space, John. Lucky parent's!

Re: READER PHOTO! Marilyn's garden in Washington state

Your garden is definitely an inspiration, Marilyn. It's absolutely lovely.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Bulking up for a long winter

Your yard is definitely a little bit of heaven, Eamonn. It must make you smile every day.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Eamonn's garden in Oregon

WOW... lucky you to be surrounded by such beauty!

Re: Tis the season...

Michelle, I feel the same way. After a winter's rest from gardening, I'm itching to slowly get back to messing with my plants come Spring. Grasses are a wonderful addition to gardens.

Re: Lounging in the lady's mantle

A perfect position for lady's mantle... gorgeous.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Leslie's garden in Colorado Springs

Your gardens are just lovely, Leslie, and I agree with the others... they look much larger than described. I'm in Denver, so I understand your challenges, Bravo!

Re: A momumental evergreen tunnel

Down right magical! How beautiful...

Re: The total package

The CBG is such a treasure. It is filled with so many beautiful gardens, each an inspiration to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Thanks...

Re: The green streets of Chicago

I'm so pleased you photographed the median planters, they are always gorgeous. I'm envious of their greenhouses... you rarely see a dead plant in any of the planters, I think the plant fairies remove and replace them in the middle of the night!

Re: Scenes from Millenium Park

Oh Solana1234... Chicago is a worthwhile destination, even if only for a long weekend. Timing is everything, fall tends to have the best weather. It is a beautiful city with amazing neighborhoods and even better food... from $ to $$$$.

Re: Scenes from Millenium Park

Millenium Park is the best thing that Chicago has ever done for it's public. It started out as a dead and incredibly ugly space in the heart of downtown, and ended up being a magnificent destination for anyone coming into the city. Thanks Michelle. Can you tell how much I love this park?

Re: Framing a natural piece of art

Cool idea!

Re: Living in the front yard

Oh Tractor1, go out and dig in the dirt for a few hours, it should make your sense of humor return! Actually, I'm really hoping that you were just having a bad day or pulling our legs. If not, go garden until at least tomorrow.

Re: READER PHOTOS! The best of the tomato season

Lok at those beautiful colors!

Re: Les Quatre Vents - And finally, some flowers!

Thanks Michelle. The photos from Les Quatre Vents have filled my head with possibilities. Have a good weekend everyone.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - Cross if you dare

Les Quatre Vents is truly a magical place.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - Climbing the stairs

All the textures and shades of green softly merging are so comforting to view... how beautiful.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - The blue moon bridge

The reflection is incredible.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - Curved and circular steps

PS Thanks rwotzak, you gave me a new perspective.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - Curved and circular steps

These stairs are screaming, 'walk on me and I'll take you on the next part of the adventure.' The plantings add the comfort level... plus the softer side of beauty.

Re: Les Quatre Vents - Water and reflections

Thank you Michelle, for giving your GPOD participants the opportunity to see the beauty of so many public and private gardens. The view from your lens, both physical and mechanical, bring a bit of magic... at least to me.

Re: The gardens of Les Quatre Vents

I would love to see Stonecrop someday, everything I have seen and read about this space is amazing.
I also want all of the East Coast gardeners that are dealing with the aftermath of Irene to know that you are in my thoughts. Deanne is right that gardens grow back, it's just physically and emotionally hard to deal with the destruction of a beloved garden. Good luck to each and everyone of you.

Re: A reflection steals the show

The reflection of the blue sphere against the metal container is very playful. Like it!

Re: Designing in black and white

This is a stunning combo using one of my favorite shade plants, Brunnera 'Jack Frost.' Love it!

Re: A multipurpose wall with wow-factor

Drop dead gorgeous...

Re: A different perspective, just as good

And here I thought the green 'condoms' were blown glass accessories with cool stems... until I looked a bit more closely. Hmmmm?

Re: A different perspective, just as good

I love these photos, Laura is my kind of woman. Her gardens seem to have been created and designed as though they are a piece of Outsider art. Her sense of balance and whimsy make me smile... and want to see more. Bring them on!

Re: Luscious leaves

Delightfully lush! The Tanner's space must be so gorgeous.

Re: More from the ruins garden at Chanticleer

A perfect form of recycling... and vertical gardening! Very cool.

Re: Two mystery plants at Longwood Gardens

Butterfly Leaf Plant... what a perfect name for a very cool plant, and I'm crazy about the succulent. Once I get a source, I can definitely see these plants in my containers!

Re: Garden visiting through the eyes of a 5-year-old

Miss K. is amazing, although you already knew that! Maybe she can give me lessons some day?

Re: The cats of Atlock Farm

I can see why you would have taken a kitten home given the opportunity, they are pretty darn cute!

Re: A garden house with a very specific purpose

A lovely surprise...

Re: Simple & stunning

Linda's property must be huge. Love the urn resting on the stone pedestal, it does the job of drawing one's eye to the beautiful vista.

Re: A truly grand garden tool shed

I love Open Days in Denver. I can't even imagine all the great gardens you get to see on the East Coast! The tool shed is beyond beautiful, and it's so clean... do you think the one next to it is a tiche dirty?

Re: It's Russian sage time!

Russian Sage is definitely happy in my Zone 5 Denver garden. I cut it back to about 8" to 10" in the early spring and by the beginning of July it is about 3' by 3' and flowering. It is a very carefree plant.

Re: And finally, some COLOR!

As much as I love subtle color combinations, I adore the intense, rich colors even more... must be all the years of gardening in the shade! Deanne, your containers are always dreamy and lush.

Re: When stone and wood become one

That's just beautiful.

Re: I've taken a trip in a time machine...

I've never seen these before... WOW! Thanks for the introduction.

Re: Our most beloved garden helpers

Cori insists on being with me while I'm in my gardens. If she gets left inside, she reminds me, not so quietly, that I've made a terrible mistake! Now, if only she could deadhead...

Re: A Hunter in the garden

Hunter is one lucky pup. He not only gets to eat gourmet meals, but he can play and watch over 'Mom' in her stunning and very peaceful garden! Alternative medicine is such a valuable tool, hopefully more vets will add the holistic approach to their arsenal. As a side note, I adore your container and you really should have entered the challenge! What I'm wondering is how it can remain upright with a happy pup romping thru the yard? My German Shepherd Dog is mindful of my containers, but when she is on 'squirrel duty' all bets are off!

Re: Less can be more in containers

I understand your consideration with poisonous plants, but from my life perspective everything i do revolves around my young grandchildren and my dog. So far... none of them have eaten a part of one of my container plants. My German Shepherd does chew on my Viburnam 'Korean Spice' when she needs ??? She and my Grandbabe's remain healthy.

Re: Less can be more in containers

Lynn, btw I missed yesterday's post... you do beautiful work with both containers and window boxes. I agree, window boxes can be tricky, there's something about rectangular planters that require more thought. Thanks for the great photos and ideas.

Re: Less can be more in containers

Absolutely stunning, less is definitely more with this combo. It must have been a jaw-dropper at the end of the season! I'm making a note for next season ;)

Re: Push your Pot off the Patio and into the Plants!

Gorgeous container, as usual, Scott. Love your work.

Re: Similar plants make a subtle tapestry

Sweet combo. I use a lot of the creeping Jenny in shade gardens, it just makes everything 'pop' around it, especially blues and silvers. Yea, it's invasive, but easy to pull out.

Re: Matchy-matchy! (In a good way)

As some of you know I'm a sucker for succulents. What you don't know is that I use this Lotus all the time not only for it's fluffy grey trailing texture but also for the amazing flowers and of course they are orange, my fave color for the sun! Perfect combo. Great way to end the week.

Re: READER PHOTO! A second season in a Utah garden

What a treat to see your beautiful garden a month down the road, Sara. I wouldn't change a thing, it's perfect!

Re: Toddler in the berry patch!

As a child I used to love to visit my grandparents in AR. They had a huge garden out back and I was free to pick and eat as many strawberries as my tummy could hold. Your granddaughter will remember these special moments, lucky little girl!

Re: READER PHOTO! The cicadas are back....

That is the prettiest shot of a cicada ever! They can be a bit creepy, but kind of cool at the same time!!!

Re: Orange is a lovely distraction

I know I'm probably in the minority, but I LOVE any plant that is orange! They make me smile ;)

Re: Repetition is the key to happiness

This repetition makes an amazing statement. Very few plants can equal the drama of an agave. This a definite WOW for me, simplicity at it's best!
Michelle, do you remember what the plants are for the 'trail'?

Re: Winterthur primroses

It shouts 'Spring' to me!

Re: A little slice of Bali in California

A bit of tropical heaven... can I have a cute little umbrella with my Pina Colada please?

Re: READER PHOTOS! More baby hummingbirds

Thanks, Pam... these are very sweet. Got to love the hummers!

Re: Gingers that every gardener should grow

The roundish, glossy leaves are a bit of heaven in the shade garden! I so appreciate these plants. Think about their shape and the delightfully swelled leaves plus the shine on so many... they are a treasure

Re: Frogs from another dimension

If they were small they would just be kind of cute... but waist high? Now that's down right awesome!!!

Re: A home fit for a gnome

I'm with Califus... and I would bet they even come with fireplaces for those damp Spring evenings!

Re: A tree's root system revealed

How cool that the Morris Arboretum did this, education and art all rolled into one!

Re: Everything's bigger at Longwood

Funny you should put the spotlight on this gorgeous vine. It just went on my radar recently, and I saw one on a bamboo tuteur at a nearby nursery on Tuesday! Hmmmm... is it fate?

Re: Another Definition of Vertical Gardening - Marcia Donahue

Oh Billy... once again you have brought magic to my life. Marcia's whimsical vision of beauty and humor is such a gift. Thanks for finding the words and pics to bring her gardens to those of us that aren't in the area... but want a bit of the enchantment.

Re: Container Shootout

What's a girl to do, hmmmm... I have to agree with Susan. If I were to choose my favorite right after planting, it definitely would have been yours, Michelle. But, as we all know, plantings don't always grow into one another as we hope, especially when critters are involved. Steve's deletions and additions were perfect, and in the end... it was awesome. If only the pot was really steely blue!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Light and shadow

Lovely, Carol The shadowing on the helebore is especially dramatic.

Re: READER PHOTO! Blooms in the desert

Awesome, Sara, I'm eager to see the garden in the summer. I would say you have definitely gotten the hang of gardening in the desert!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Dripping with atmosphere

This photo easily could have been taken in New Orleans, I think I'm in love! How cool is it that all this glorious moss came from a sprig? Dreamy...

Re: READER PHOTOS! The coolest vintage garden tool ever!

Guida, I love your sense of humor... can't wait to see more!

Re: READER PHOTO! The original robin's egg blue

Very, very sweet. A lovely way to end the week.

Re: We're gardeners, too!

Great containers, Stephanie, love the colors and textures. Do we get to see more from other staffers?

Re: READER PHOTOS! Dr. Seuss would be a fan of this plant...

You are a master with texture Jan... I'm hoping for more photos!

Re: READER PHOTO! Hens and chicks in a cage

Very sweet, Jan. It wouldn't have occurred to me to leave it outside for the winter, even though I have had hen's 'n chicks happily growing in my garden for years. Duh???

Re: READER PHOTOS! Containers by Cherry Ong

Lovely containers Cherry, planting time is almost here!

Re: A handsome basil for the annual border

Considering edibles are the hot trend for containers this year, this would be a fun addition as the filler... especially for balconies!

Re: Succulents in North Carolina

Great shots, Michelle, love the agaves. My succulents are going to be very happy when they can be outside for the summer. I'm counting the days!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Woolly thyme like tumbling water

Jan, your gardens are truly inspired.

Re: Dreamy garden ornaments you can BUY!

Jill has some really fun pieces, the large ones especially!

Re: One last wacky hosta

It's a fun hosta, and the pot is very cool. I especially like the fern peeking out from underneath!

Re: A classic hosta complements a garden ornament

Eve and Per Thyrum's gardens must be incredible when seen as a whole. It's been such a pleasure catching a glimpse of a few tiny areas. Thanks...

Re: The most beautiful hosta in the world

I was just reading about Aureomarginata the other day and wondered what it looked like. Want it!

Re: Bring the indoors outside

You can't beat tropicals for shade pots. I'm always checking out Home Depot and Lowes for new plant deliveries, 10 buck plants rock! I have a 5 yr old, $8 Yucca from HD that is now 6' tall... almost getting too big for the in/out routine ;) Love 'em.

Re: Wisteria at Dumbarton Oaks

This is a definite WOW!

Re: At the top of my spring shopping list

I've never seen this plant before, looks like a lot of fun! The smokebush idea sounds pretty interesting!

Re: READER PHOTO! Beautiful bark

This kind of bark just makes me want to peel it... way too much temptation to have in my own yard!

Re: A subtle weave

This is a heavenly combination, absolute perfection!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Springtime ice

The ability of plants to adjust to the crazy swings of temps and moisture boggles my mind. Mama Nature did a fine job with her babies... Great photo, and I'm so glad it was in your back yard!

Re: Reflections at Chanticleer, revisited

Definitely a vertical garden! How beautiful... no wonder you always go to the ruins garden first.

Re: READER PHOTO! Drumsticks and coneflowers

Love the Chinese rhubarb... I've never seen it before! Thanks, Greg.

Re: Take the time to see...

Michelle, you are a gifted photographer... this is a beautiful shot.

Re: Creative tree-training?

As usual... this is a late post, but this photo really blows me away.

I don't even have words to describe how the undulating trunks of this tree make me smile. If I were there, I would just want to have the time to gaze at the beauty of Mama Nature and touch her baby.

Re: The jumbled peony

This peony bud looks more like a fun piece of art, a ball created from fibers, than a flower bud!

Re: In the mist

The Chicago Botanic Gardens is such a treasure, if you are ever in the area you really must head to Glencoe just to wander for a few hours. The Japanese garden was created many years ago and only grows more beautiful every day.

Re: Another sweeping statement

I want to live in their guest house! I use lamb's ears for the color and texture, but I generally hate the flowers, so off with their heads. This border, though, is what they were created for... it's just perfect.

Re: Break out of your 'Aureola' rut

I'm so late with this post, but... GreenGrowler I live in Denver. I can't seem to grow Hakonechloa 'Aureola' either, but, Beni Kaze does really well. Slow growing but so very lovely. Keep trying ;)

Re: Denver Shade Garden

Wow, thank you M, your words are very kind and appreciated. Small space gardening is delightfully challenging, as has been the climate change from Chicago to Denver. I'm loving it. Container design is my passion, and it fits in beautifully when working with small spaces.
These are the first gardens I've designed on my own. Lots of experimenting with plants I've never worked with before... so much fun. My philosophy when a plant doesn't make it is that it's another opportunity to try something different. Out of my four garden spaces, I'm happy with two, the other two are works in progress. Always more to do...
Best wishes for your dreams to come true.

Re: A planter box on steroids

Outstanding as always, Scott, your combos continue to inspire me. Plant shopping at Tangletown would be sooo much fun. Road Trip!

Re: A sultry plant combo at NYBG

I feel transported to the heat of a summer day when I see the shadows on the pineapple lily and glad leaves.

Re: READER PHOTO! Falling Snowflake, Cedar Waxwing

As always, Deanne, you bring us a bit of nature's beauty in your photos. What a wonderful way to end the week. Thank you.

Re: READER PHOTO! Spring reflection

You are a very skilled photographer, Viktoria. Thank you.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Springtime at Longwood

March is here, s that means that spring is within reach... right? Beautiful photo Viktoria!

Re: Foliage Foundations and Gnasty Gnomes (the Gs are silent)

Sorry, this has to be short. I'm on my way to the local gnome shop to find a couple new friends... it would just be wrong for one not to have a drinking buddy. Then I need to go to the neighboring spy shop so I can buy the gear that will allow me secretly enjoy their evening romps! BTW, loved the rest of the blog... color, leaf shape, texture, what more is there?

Re: READER PHOTO! An arch completes the garden

What a magical space... truly beautiful. Thank you, Gail.

Re: A humble garden ornament

Love the grasses, adore the sea serpent! A little bit of imagination can take us anywhere ;) Fun pic Danielle... and nadwa, I totally agree with JAABA. Nice to meet you.

Re: Monkey puzzle!

I've loved this tree since I first saw it in CA many years ago. In Argentina, it was spectacular!

Re: The Midas touch

Are you sure you weren't in a jungle somewhere? I keep waiting for Tarzan and Jane to walk by.

Re: Garden in Winter photo contest WINNER!

WHOA! I got to this late today and I'm blown away by the comments. My mother always said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I agree. If everyone liked the same piece of art or the same garden just think about how boring our visual world would be.
The theme for the photo was 'Garden in Winter.' This is a national magazine folks, and not everyone gets snow... but we all have gardens that change during this season.
We are all entitled to our opinions, and personally, my first reaction when I saw this photo was that I was thrilled that Lynette reconnected to her love of photography. This photo definitely says 'winter' to my eyes.

Re: Garden in Winter 1st runner-up! Dreaming of Summer

Maybe since the snow won't melt for a while... looking at those chairs makes me think that if I bundled up nice and cozy with an Irish Coffee in hand, I would be equally as relaxed! Lovely photo Gottagarden.

Re: Garden in Winter 2nd runner-up! Winter Grasses

I can feel the cold wind blowing, gorgeous shot Janek15!

Re: Garden in Winter 3rd runner-up! Fairy in the Snow

Fairy roses are the best... they just keep blooming and blooming! Lovely photo.

Re: ALL WEEK: Garden in Winter Photo Contest, finalists and winner!

This photo is spectacular Pine Twp. If this is the 4th runner-up, I can't wait to see the rest!

Re: READER PHOTO! A memorial garden in Virginia

Eben, what an amazing vision you had with extraordinary results. I agree with Michelle... more photos please!!! Thank you.

Re: READER PHOTO! Summer abundance in a Minnesota garden

PS I just looked at the photo once again, and I like it even more! Any more photos of your gardens? Love to see them...

Re: READER PHOTO! Summer abundance in a Minnesota garden

Tricia, your garden is stunning... everything about it is beautiful. You must smile every time you look at it! Great photograph.

Re: A big combo of diverse plants

No question why you took this photo, all the different textures make the combo really interesting... and I love the subtle colors.

Re: Hot tropicals!

I'm making a 'note to self' to try the hibiscus and Mexican firebush in containers this summer. Great color.

Re: A cute little annual combo

A very spring-like photo... definitely encouraging with all the snow on the ground!

Re: How aggressive IS it?

Good thing I didn't transplant the variegated variety from one of my containers into the garden as planned. I'm assuming we're too dry to make it happy, but it was sure pretty!

Re: Pushing a container over the top with simple materials

From my perspective, the structure of the tuteurs give balance to the evergreens in the background. I like it!

Re: A perfect match

This would be a lovely painting... the white crackle of the glaze on the urn plays beautifully with the 'Iceberg' roses. Very serene.

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 4

Paiya... Thanks for the tip, you're the best!

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 4

Who needs flowers when there are so many plants with colorful leaves available? Another great looking container, Deanne. I am so envious of the vast selection of coleus you have at your disposal... Denver tends to be a bit slow when it comes to new varieties of plant material. Thanks again for a fun week!

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 3

Love this series of photos, Michelle. Can't wait to see what combos you put together for 2011, Deanne!

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 2

PS ... I empty my Vietnamese glazed pots as much as I can, then cover them with garbage bags. It seems to work so far in Denver... 3 years now. There is only so much energy in our 60+ grandkids home. I'll let you know if they continue to survive!

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 2

Cram 'em and jam 'em... my philosophy when it comes to container gardens. When it works... you have Deanne's beautiful containers. What more could you ask for?
Thank you for helping us thru the winter months and giving advice for over-wintering our 'babies'. No one has ever given the specific advice that you have... I'm still trying to deal with my interior space in Denver. Definitely need more lights!!! So far, they are doing well, next 3 months will tell the story!

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 1

This is a stunning container for so many reasons, and the background Japanese Maple just makes it pop. Can't wait to see more! Thanks, Deanne, for giving us eye candy for the week!!!

Re: Wow the mailman!

Deanne...I've always loved your containers but only heard about your beautiful gardens. Michelle, as usual, is spot on in her enjoyment of your plantings. Color, texture and variation of plant materials paint a beautiful picture. Can't wait to see what you do in 2011! With all the snow you are having, what better time to dream of new combos?

Re: Are your plants superhydrophobic?

Fun photo, fun facts to end the week of great shots! Thanks...

Re: Morning glories in the afternoon

I just may have to plant a morning glory or two this spring. This one definitely brings the 'wow' factor.

Re: There's always room for a garden

It's gotta be a vine...

Re: There's always room for a garden

These flowers and vines are just screaming, 'Welcome to our home'!

Re: Another Charleston garden scene

All the shades of green are very pleasing. Nice shot...

Re: Washing Machines and Art Collide in a Santa Barbara Garden

Billy Godnick, I'm in love! Your sense of humor, the way you see gardens, plantings and art... The Thayer's are folks I want to meet, but only after you! Thank you for your insightful views. You make me smile.

Re: Keeping cool in a Charleston courtyard

I agree with wGardens... love the moss and ferns. Actually, I'd really like to be sitting in the chair breathing in the sultry air.

Re: Remember what spring feels like?

Your words filled my lungs with moist air, touched my face with a light mist and reminded me of what spring feels like outside the high plains desert. Thank you Michelle.

Re: READER PHOTO! Winter asparagus

Love the dusting of snow on the fronds... and the color compliments the color of the mortar between the stones on your house.

Re: READER PHOTO! Touchable texture and contrast from two great plants

Philip, I love what you have done along your pathways. Mexican Feather Grass is awesome when you need soft texture with lots of movement. Bamboomary, in Denver this grass is grown as an annual but it reseeds like crazy. It's quite the delight.

Re: READER PHOTO! Milkweed seeds

Great shot Jenny. Putting public garden spaces up for adoption is an excellent alternative for dwindling city and state funds. BTW, what kind of camera are you using? I'm in the market for a new one.

Re: READER PHOTO! Curved terrace stairs tame a slope

Once again, Jan, your designs for slopes are thoughtful and quite beautiful. Simple yet perfect.

Re: READER PHOTO! A blue gate that's irresistible to visitors

There are so many words I could use in describing my thoughts about this photo. I'll cut to the chase and say that you have created a beautiful vision. Thank you Jan. Keep designing...

Re: Kicking off year #2 of the GPOD!

Happy Birthday GPOD! I'm seriously rethinking my perennial beds because of you. I rarely add annuals, but the more combos I see that would so beautifully fill in my 'killer' spots... I'm saying, 'why not'? Keep those photos coming!!!

Re: Echoes and complements

Here's to beautiful and unusual combinations in our gardens for 2011... I'm hoping for beautiful colors, just enough rain and not too many pests to all of my gardening friends. Happy New Year! (And, no hail for my CO gardening friends.)

Re: Harmonious hues

This is definitely a 'Think Spring' photo!

Re: Look but don't touch

I have both golden barrel cactus and Senecio serpens over-wintering inside. They do well with a sunny window. Great plants, amazing texture and color.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Wildlife in a California garden

Your photo is beautiful, Pam. We're high and dry in Denver and the only wildlife in our backyard are the devil squirrels that girdle our trees just for pure amusement!

Re: The Garden in Winter, Day #4

Wow... winter can be so magical.

Re: The Garden in Winter, Day #3

What a lovely sight out the window on a snowy day.

Re: Garden in Winter photo contest!

It really is a beautiful photo.

Re: READER PHOTO! Now that's some wildlife

This is a very late post, but this is awesome photo. Thank you!

Re: There must be a word for this

This photo would be great blown up into poster size!

Re: A perfect pairing...

This is a really subtle combo of textures and color. Very nice.

Re: READER PHOTO! A water-wise entryway garden in Denver

eckramer0, gardening in CA would be a dream! Any time you want to dig in the dirt in CO, let me know!

Re: READER PHOTO! A water-wise entryway garden in Denver

Thanks, everyone. I'm so pleased that you like my garden, it makes me smile every time I walk out the front door and I definitely don't miss the grass! GratefulJoe, you are absolutely right about the aspen. We moved into the house 5 years ago and the aspen was here...believe it or not, it's an amazing 35 years old and still going strong. FYI, we are of like mind Mindy... out of frame to the right are short to med. grasses and an Austrian Pine marks the edge of our tiny space.

Re: Baby in the veggie patch!

I just spent the day with my 2 1/2 year old grandson. We spend a lot of time outside digging in the dirt whenever possible. Children's smiles make Mama Nature happy... I'm sure!

Re: An unusual English ivy

If it were variegated then it would really be perfect!

Re: Rock on!

Oh, to win the lottery and be able to travel around the world just looking at lovely gardens... Magic can happen this time of year! I'm ever hopeful.

Re: A wonderful lawn-to-woodland transition

Simplicity at it's best... the rodgersia is gorgeous.

Re: READER PHOTO! A lawn of thyme

What a great idea... perfect for the high desert area of Denver where we are always looking for alternatives to water thirsty grass. (It is so much more lovely than rocks!)

Re: Ah, the passionflower...

Passionflowers are so gorgeous they don't look real. 77355, Your lot sounds spectacular, must be nirvana for the butterflies.

Re: READER PHOTO! Mystery flowers

The copper color is wonderful with the 'dead' grass, who would have thought toilet innards could be artistic? Naive art in the garden!

Re: Use chairs as a canvas for eye-popping color!

These are fun. I wonder if he repaints the chairs each year to match his containers, or if he matches the colors the the plants to blend with the chairs? Hmmmmm?

Re: You must pass the creatures of the pool to get cool...

The clumps of miscanthus remind me of a Puli in disguise. Great fun for the kids and their adults!

Re: READER PHOTO! Lemonade from lemons

What can I say besides...I want to sit in the Queen Chair! The tree guy must still talk about his wonderful creation...I bet he brought his family to see it. The plants growing in the bark just give the chair a little more natural character, I love everything about this.

Re: Paint the garden red! Or green...or blue...

Welcome to FG, Jason. I'm eager to see and read your future contributions! I would have never thought about painting a tree until last year. We were traveling during the holidays and the landscaping at our hotel had red painted trees tucked here and there. They were unexpected fun in a very colorful kind of way!

Re: READER PHOTO! Jumbo caterpillar

The caterpillars are incredible. If I were a kid, all I would want to do is run underneath them and touch them all over. The combo of textures and colors is just too much fun, thanks Mary!

Re: READER PHOTOS! More fun from NYBG

I saw a Chihuly exhibit at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago a number of years ago... talk about whimsical! A second week of wild and wacky garden art is awesome. thanks M.

Re: Silver and gold...

This may be my favorite combo so far. I love subtle designs and this one combines interesting colors, textures and shapes. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Re: Let a clematis scramble

It's just lovely, Mindy. Can't wait to see the next 4 combos!

Re: READER PHOTO! Another great native groundcover

A beautiful photo to round out the week of groundcovers. Thanks Michelle.

Re: Even baby plants need to be seen!

There's something about this little hosta that reminds me of the Jack in a Pulpit that was determined to live underneath a group of yews in my Chicago garden. It was pretty dear.

Re: READER PHOTO! An unexpected groundcover

PS I love using Talinum paniculatum cv. in my containers. The color of the leaves is an easy pop and the sweet flowers are a treat.

Re: READER PHOTO! An unexpected groundcover

Jane Horn, You Rock! Your great color and texture combos create a beautiful garden. You also remind me to throw in annuals more often in my perennial gardens... Thank you.

Re: Variegation turns boring to glam!

I learned to garden in the midwest where shade is predominant, it became obvious early on that variegated plants are almost always more interesting. They make a statement in a shady space, a spark of light that allows surrounding plants a little glamour.

Re: Pink on pink

I planted 'the perfect' monarda in the front of one of my gardens. 15" to 18" tall, gorgeous color (Fireball) and mildew resistant. Fast forward to mid-summer...48" on average and covered with mildew, but the color was fabulous! Thinning will be done early spring next year!

Re: Morning glories to end the season

I can't believe that I have never grown this sweet vine, although I am a big fan of the Hyacinth Bean Deanne mentioned. So many plants out there to try...

Re: More of a good thing

How lovely, when the wind blows the movement of the plantings must be mesmerizing. Verbena bonariensis is a fun plant that makes a statement. It reseeds easily and it's always fun to see where it's going to surface the next year!

Re: Succulents in cold climates--yes you can!

When I moved to Denver, zone 5, I was bitten by the 'succulent bug.' I have many hardy succulents in my rock garden, and they consistently fill my containers. They are so easy to grow and the textures and dramatically different shapes provide unlimited possibilities for interest. Debra Lee Baldwin's book, Succulent Container Gardens, is a valuable resource for everything succulent. It's been a great week of photos, Michelle, thanks!

Re: READER PHOTOS! A gem of a succulent garden

The front edge of the garden reminds me of a mosaic, a feast for the eyes. The step risers are also very cool. I recently saw a long 'tube/sock' like thing that is made for exactly this neat is that? And finally, the Ruth Bancroft Garden is supposed to have fun classes aside from the beautiful gardens.

Re: Mix it up with succulents!

The 'Red Dragon' persicaria and oakleaf hydrangea provide a beautiful backdrop for the sculptural agave. Well done, Tanner's!

Re: READER PHOTO! Ditch the flowers & grow succulents

Beautiful composition, Debra. My succulents are now in their winter nursery (extra bedroom) being watered and 'lit' as per ideas from your books. Ah, to live in CA as opposed to Denver where my succulents could reach their true potential ;) Oh, that's right, they're not kids...

Re: Running out of room for plants?

I truly love this piece, and I agree, Michelle, it becomes more fascinating the longer you look at it. Kevin, Robin and Flora are true artists, and Flora's nursery is inspiring. BTW, your books are awesome, Debra Lee, they are feeding my thirst for knowledge when it comes to succulents...creating a vertical garden is my upcoming winter project.

Re: A simple garden screen idea

An artistic alternative to a container filling an empty spot? A lot of potential for creativity...

Re: Off-roading in miniature

I love the thought that goes into miniature designs. I bet she has fun with Halloween decorations, too. All of the little, creepy scenarios... hope we can see more shots of her gardens.

Re: Even their wheelbarrows are beautiful!

A beautiful stone archway framing the gardens beyond... such a soothing painting. It makes me want to touch everything from the rough stone of the arch to the prickly yews!A lovely vision for the day.

Re: A garden in the treetops

This photo brings memories of the charming balconys in the French Quarter in New Orleans... all you need is a cafe au lait and a warm beignet and life is just about perfect.

Re: READER PHOTO! Small lot, BIG garden!

What a comforting space... all you need is a good book and a glass of wine!

Re: READER PHOTO! A combo for dry areas

What a beautiful combo, for so many reasons. The textures play off one another, the colors are soft and inticing, because of the textures... I wish I had these plants placed together in my garden. Thanks.

Re: Jenny covers ground!

I'm a 'jenny-junkie' and I admit it with a smile. I use jenny in containers, in my shade gardens and in my sun gardens. I love when it merges with other plants, especially in the shade...the yellow makes all the subtle colors explode.

Re: A meaningful place to rest

I remember Randy's essay and it touched my heart. We all need a quiet place to rest and contemplate the beauty of nature. It makes life make sense in a very simple way.

Re: It's all in the details

I love Randy and Tom's sense of humor, maybe because it mimics mine? Excellent lizard!

Re: Mixing succulents and herbaceous perennials

Succulent pots are fun but they can outgrow their space too quickly for the time I have to tend to them. I'm currently thinking that they are best grown in our gardens highlighting the rest of our treasures, even if we have to bring them inside for the winter. Just a thought...

Re: A colorful hardscape accent that steals the show

Color in a garden doesn't have to come from the flowers. What an excellent idea! Thanks, guys!

Re: READER PHOTO! From one pack of seeds...

You go girl! I think about doing seeds, but our growing season in Denver is so short... and then I may be a bit lazy!

Re: A dreamy place for a nap

Just look at the different textures in both the plant materials and fabrics, they pull you in with such artistry that I am in awe. I could just sit and stare at everything for hours...then I would take a nap!

Re: It's hypnotizing...

If I could have a yard full of Aeonium's, I would be a very happy gardener!

Re: Another gazing globe done right

I totally agree! Dan's backyard is amazing.

Re: This plant's future is in your hands...

Oh man, I'm going to be strung up on the nearest Hydrangea, but this one has to go. Transplanting would be wonderful, but be prepared for it not to move with grace or life. If the focus is curb appeal, than this beauty doesn't work. There are so many disappointments and bad positioning with our dream plants, but then there are so many opportunities to correct our well meaning mistakes.

Re: A sublime spot for a cup of tea

The word serene doesn't really express the beauty of this space. Had a few quiet moments there with a friend when I visited SF in June. Perfection in a public space.

Re: Can you spot the butterfly?

The color combo is one of my faves, it's in a lot of my containers this year. 'Fireworks' is an awesome grass...beautifully planned.

Re: Another great Smithsonian combo

I only wish that I could get my foxtail ferns to grow in such a wonderfully ungainly manner. They are formed yet twisted, love them!

Re: African mask shakes up a classic pot

The blue-green of the Echeverias really makes the veins of the African mask stand out... almost skeleton like. Fun combo.

Re: Is there a dinosaur nearby?

This 'house' plant is one of my favorites. I love the structural quality of the leaves... very dramatic. If you have humidity and a bit of shade... neighbors will be knocking at your door to find out what you have planted in your garden.

Re: A spectacular combo at ground level

Ajuga reptans is such a fun plant, so many colors on one leaf...easy to make the 'pop' with a combo.

Re: Green and even more green

The Tiger Eye Sumac in the background caught my interest. I just planted some in a garden that I designed. Man,those puppies are slow to grow in Denver, but I have my fingers crossed that they will fulfill my dreams! Scott is an artist.

Re: Green is enough!

Who needs flowers when you have such interesting textures and varied leaf shapes?

Re: What to do with blue?

Oh yeah...blues, whites, purples, add in a few varigated leaves and you have fun combos. Scott, you must have more than a bit of an artist in your soul.

Re: Spice up containers with more than just plants

Oh Scott... we could have so much fun doing containers together! Your ability to create paintings with plants makes me smile. Thank you.

Re: A dramatic container combo

It's the euphorbia that stands out for me. The needle like texture amidst larger leaves... great photography, great pot.

Re: Subtle differences can be just enough

You gotta love all of the coleus that are available these days. One of my favorite containers was about 36" in diameter and crammed with an assortment of coleus. A lot of drama in those leaves!

Re: From humble materials...

Wow! What a sense of beauty and balance in a perfect setting.

Re: Tropical fever

Great textures and color contrast, would be a fun combo for a big container! (Are the plants in a container?)

Re: Gazing balls have a place in gardens...

The photos you have shown us of the Enid A. Haupt Garden make me want to catch a flight to D.C. The garden designer definitely has a twinkle in her/his eye to be able to make gazing balls so much fun!

Re: A waterfall of foliage

I never thought to use it as a trailer on a wall. It must be mesmerizing when the wind causes movement.

Re: Milk glass lights up the garden

Apparently, magic in the garden doesn't have to come from the plantings.

Re: An ode to copper

Pulling colors from the stone for the choice of plant material is just good design. I'm learning to appreciate Helenium these days, haven't planted any yet, but thinking about it...

Re: A funky chair-turned-planter

The whole setting is lovely, but I'm with Paula...I adore the rusted steel sculpture!

Re: READER PHOTO! Cute as a button

The baby katydid is pretty darn cute, but what I really love is the color contrast between the green of the bug and the bright orange of the lily. Very cool indeed!

Re: Nicotine & castor oil

I planted my first castor bean in a large container this year... the leaves remind me of a Japanese Maple on steriods & the seed pods have a crazy color & texture. I'll keep the babes away! The Nicotiana w/this combo adds a softness. Serendipity at work!

Re: Black & blue isn't always painful

Some of my fave combos are subtle in color, but high in visual impact... Man, this combination does it for me!