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Plant needs ID

Plant is about 2 feet tall.  Flower is about 3/4 inch in diameter.  

Can anyone ID this?

Found on a street in St. Paul. No other information available.

Identify shrub-like vine

This plant is Minnesota hardy.  We don't know much about it otherwise.

What's This Plant?

A Florida resident wants to identifiy this plant.  Can you help?  Thanks a lot.

Houseplant ID

Please identify this flowering houseplant - the flowers are reddish orange and the leaves are succulent.

Recent comments

Re: What's This Plant?

Thank you Katie and GardenVine. Based on Katie's comments I'm guessing Epidendrum radicans. The photo lacks detail but it's the only one I have and I haven't seen the plant.

Re: Houseplant ID

Thank you auburnjude and Kat White. I had concluded Columnea but Aeschynanthus fits better.