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Silvery leaved plant resembling Rosemary

These photos were sent to me by a friend, whose friend wrote:  "I purchased this a year ago at Ashcombe in the herb section where it was labeled as "English Sage". It is not a herb in my opinion. ...

Shrub or perennial with pink tubular flowers

This is a plant in a neighbor's garden which she and I need help identifiying.  It is about 2 1/2 feet in height, and I am not sure whether it is a shrub, or a very vigorous perennial. nbspShe...

Shrub with sand-papery leaves

This is a shrub that a neighbor has asked me to help identify.  She and her husband have continually been cutting it back, and cannot remember if it has ever bloomed (probably because they keep...

White flowered June blooming full shade plant

This is a plant that came up in my garden that I don't remember planting.  It is growing in full shade on the north side of a garage.  The foliage reaches a height of 3 - 3 1/2 feetnbsp...

April-May blooming ephemeral.

This is a plant I grew from seed obtained in a seed exchange years ago - and lost the label!  It starts blooming in April and into May.  It's about 4-5" in height.  It is slowly...

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Re: Daffodil (Real or man made?)

You didn't say whether these were cut flowers, or growing in soil, however, this makes me think of a trick we did when we were children: We put food coloring in the water in the vase in which you put cut daffodils. Over a day or so, they take up the water - and food coloring - and voila! blue or purple or red daffodils!

Re: plant name

This looks like the common houseplant Syngonium podophyllum - Arrowhead Vine. Also known as Nephthytis. Very easy to grow - low light is okay, slow release fertilizer is best, don't overwater it. If the vines get too long, cut them off - and you can start new plants by rooting them in water.

Re: Shrub or perennial with pink tubular flowers

I recently discovered that this is a shrub called Leptodermis oblonga, common name Summer Lilac.

Re: April-May blooming ephemeral.

I think you might have hit upon the right genus & species - the foliage is a good match for Primula sieboldii - very close to P. sieboldii 'Alba' - although the flowers are upright on this plant and more pendant on my plants. But I think we're definitely in the right neighborhood! :)

Re: White flowered June blooming full shade plant

Yes, the foliage and habit are so strongly similar to Actaea simplex, which blooms August to Sept., but I had forgotten there was a native, spring-blooming Actaea - this one is most definitely Actaea racemosa - aka, Black Cohosh, aka, Fairy Candles (which describes the blooms perfectly!). There are some great photos of it in bloom online. I'm thrilled that this lovely native found its way into my garden! Thanks for everyones help!

Re: April-May blooming ephemeral.

I binged the name you provided and looked at images, and this is not Cardamine concatenata. My plant has wider leaves, scalloped edges, light green leaves and 1/2 inch bell shaped flowers. Maybe I should mention I live in Pennsylvania, and the seed came from someone in the mid-Atlantic states. It very well could be a woodland native, given how it's thriving in a woodland-like planting site. Thanks for your research! I think we're getting closer to its ID!