Rochester, NY, US

Home gardner 30 years + . Retired mainframe application programmer; worked as the plant specialist at a big box store for the past 5 years. This season I'm able to spend 8 hours a day in my gardens..and I'm just loving it.

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Oh it's summer time and the lilies are fine!

I love lilies!! Well, ok, I love all flowers...but lilies are just so amazing, so many different colors, color combos, scents, they are a gardeners delight!

June flowers

What a great time to be in the garden...everything is just bursting with color; lilies, coreopsis, bearded tongue, clemantis, and even my St. Johns Wort decided to bloom this year! Dianthus and...

Fun front garden

This year I decided to incorporate some of the 'hot' seasonal colors, including the bright blue that I spray painted the milk jugs and some pots saved from last year. Went with orange for the antique...

Recent comments

Re: please help me with this one

Looks like a wild rose bush to me!

Re: evergreen shrub

Looks like it could be a Gulfray Azalea, which is a southern Indian, or Indica hybrid.

Re: what are these?

Hi, this is Cineraria (Pericallis, Senetti). I have a container of them and the flowers are just about faded :-(. They are available in a couple of shades of bright blues and purples.


Re: Help! What are these?!

Looks similar to some in my side garden; Monarda aka bee balm. I planted 2 a couple of years ago, now I am constantly ripping them out as they have spread throughtout the entire garden. Pretty, but very invasive!!